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Seeing the 2014 Artworks Developing in Cheng Long


This photo shows volunteers helping to move a bridge that Dutch artist Maurice Meewisse made as part of his art project in Cheng Long.  We decided to have a procession and ceremony for putting this bridge across the canal in the fishing hut area.  Maurice created the bridge from recycled materials, and the fishermen will be able to use it to go back and forth caring for their fish farms.  Many of the bridges across the canal in the fishing hut area are just planks of old wood, and this new bridge from old recycled materials will also be useful for visitors to go to the area where Maurice will be building his folly hut that is a record of all the repairs he is making on the fishing huts in Cheng Long.  


Here the volunteers are helping to put the bridge across the canal using some bamboo poles to roll it on. 


This photo shows some volunteers crossing the new bridge for the first time.


Maurice provided some beer for his hard-working volunteers, and this photo shows the group celebrating the new bridge!


Here is Maurice in front of a new door he has made for a fishing hut as part of his plan to repair fishing huts as his conceptual artwork in Cheng Long. 


This photo shows the tail part of artist Kathy Bruce’s “Big Fish through Wall” installation on a Cheng Long fishing hut.  The tail part is almost finished and now Kathy and her team of volunteers have started to build the head part of the fish that will be on the water side of the fishing hut.  She decided to make her milkfish sculpture with the tail and head both turning up so that it will be easier for the fishing hut owners to move around the hut when they are caring for their fish farm.  


Artist Thiery Godet made a fire in his big oven to try it out.  It seems to work well and the oven made lots of heat.  We are all waiting now for him to bake some bread in this oven!  He is also now starting to create the oven in a more sculptural form and adding some tiles on top to protect it from rains in Cheng Long. 


Here Thierry is cutting a door for one of the small ovens made by the 5th grade students that he is working with.  On this Thursday afternoon all the artists will again be working with their class of students in Cheng Long Elementary School, and Thierry hopes he can lead the students in cutting doors in all of their small ovens and making some fire in each oven.



Here Maurice’s two volunteers are making a wall of bamboo for Maurice’s folly hut.  They decided to use what is usually the back side of some split bamboo as the front side of their creative wall. 

The artists are all working hard and so are the volunteers.  Things are going well and we are excited to see the 2014 artworks developing at the fishing hut area in Cheng Long village. 

The Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen ( and the photos for this Blog are taken by Timothy S. Allen (



The 2014 artists are making great progress on the art installations, and again this year we have a wonderful team of volunteers.  This year each artist has 1 or 2 volunteers, and they come from all over Taiwan to spend 25 days in the small fishing village helping the international artists create their works.  It is hard work but lots of fun too!Image

This photo shows volunteers making a part of artist Katie Surridge’s installation attaching many discarded oyster shells to a piece of old fishing rope.  


Here Joaquin’s volunteer Kevin is taking labels off clear plastic bottles to use as part of the pipeline for Joaquin’s installation that will purify some water for use in the fishing hut area. Children and villagers have been saving many plastic bottles and we also collected many plastic bottles at the local recycling center for Joaquin’s art installation. 



The 2014 artists have visited a hardware store in nearby Kohu village many times to buy some tools or materials for their art installations.  This photo shows Joaquin and his volunteer Holly chatting with the store owner and getting a receipt for Joaquin’s purchases.  Holly is from Beijing and is working for a foundation there that also does environmental education, and this year she came to volunteer in Cheng Long to learn more about our Cheng Long Wetlands environmental art project.  



Artist Maurice Meewisse from Netherlands is busy now making repairs on several Cheng Long fishing huts.  This photo shows a window in a fishing hut that Maurice replaced with a good recycled one found in Cheng Long.  His art project will include a “folly” hut that he creates in the fishing hut area as a record of all the repairs he makes on Cheng Long fishing huts.  The second photo here shows a bamboo wall that  was made by Maurice’s volunteers to be a wall for the folly hut.  


This photo shows French artist Thierry Godet making an oven by a fishing hut for his art installation. Thierry is using some old fire bricks collected around Cheng Long and earth/mud also found in Cheng Long.  His volunteers are doing lots of work moving earth and bricks and also learning about how to make ovens. 


This photo shows some village volunteers helping Taiwanese artist LaLa Wang with her 2014 art installation.  The volunteers are making holes in plastic bottle caps that LaLa collected at the community recycling center to use as centers for the flowers in her installation.  This hole punching machine is normally used by the villagers in Cheng Long to make holes in oyster shells to string the shells up to grow new oysters.  Image

This photo shows the garden area at artist Katie Surridge’s fishing hut installation site.  Katie’s volunteers did some very hard labor to make a stone wall and a brick and concrete rubble wall around the garden….it’s hard work moving those heavy things!  The area around the fishing hut has been cleaned up now and it is looking so much better.  Katie plans to continue improving and adding to this garden area as well as making mosaics with the children on the walls of her fishing hut.  


In this photo artist Kathy Bruce from USA and her volunteers are working to make the tail part of her giant milkfish that will look like it is going through the wall of her fishing hut.  

This week the artists also worked with their classroom of children at Cheng Long Elementary School to introduce their country and their art project to the children.  They also did some art activities with the children so that the children can learn new things and help to make the 2014 art installations.  Image

This photo shows one small oven made by some 5th grade boys working with the 2014 artist Thierry Godet.  The 5th grade class enjoyed playing with the mud and creating the small ovens…..maybe next week they will be ready to make some fire in these small ovens. 

The 2014 art project in Cheng Long is going well and this year we are excited to see so much enthusiasm and support from the children as well as the villagers.  This year too we are getting the fishing hut owners and the local fish farmers involved.  

The Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen ( and the photos for the 2014 Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (


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Celebrating Matsu’s Birthday with the international artists

Matsu’s Birthday Celebration is one of the very interesting cultural and religious events in this part of Taiwan, and it happens every year during the time of the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.  Matsu is the goddess of the sea and protector of fishermen so she is an important religious god in Taiwan and particularly in southwestern Taiwan where Cheng Long village is located.  The 2014 artists and volunteers all went to Beigang, a nearby city, for the Matsu celebration and parade joined by people from all over Taiwan and bringing Matsu on a journey around Taiwan to this big important temple in Beigang.  Here is a photo of the Cheng Long artists and volunteers in front of the Beigang temple on the Matsu celebration night.  Hundreds of people, parades, fireworks, street entertainment, lots of noise and of course food —all of this added to the great experience of the Matsu Festival for the foreigners visiting Taiwan this year for our art project.  Image



Here is another photo showing 2014 artist Katie Surridge from UK, burning spirit money in the Beigang Temple during the Matsu celebration.


The people in Cheng Long village also had special dinners and celebrations for Matsu’s birthday.  This year the 2014 artists and volunteers got invited to join two Matsu celebrations by families in Cheng Long village!

Here are some photos from one of the celebrations.  There was a huge brightly lit portable stage set up with karaoke and some of the artists and volunteers went onstage for the karaoke!  At this celebration there was lots of wonderful food and drink, beautiful dancing and singing girls, firecrackers, and lots of fun with the village people.  The artists and volunteers had a great time at these celebrations with the villagers.  ImageImage


The artists are back to work each morning and making great progress on their artworks.  The next post will show you some of the artworks in progress at the fishing hut area and in the working outdoor studio places where each 2014 artist is creating his art installation for the 2014 art project “Fishing for a Better Environment.”

The Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen (, and the photos on the Blog this year are by Timothy S. Allen (


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Starting the 2014 Artworks

On Monday, April 15, all the artists were ready to start their artworks after making final decisions about the sites and gathering materials.

In this photo artist Kathy Bruce from the USA is measuring her fishing hut with her two Taiwanese volunteers.  Kathy will be creating a bamboo sculpture of a milkfish that appears to be jumping through this hut.  Kathy measuring hut with volunteers-small







Here French artist Thierry Godet is bringing earth or soil/clay on a cart with the help of his two Taiwanese volunteers  to begin making his large oven at the site next to a fishing hut. Theirry and vol pulling cart with dirt-small







Here Taiwanese artist LaLa Wang is starting to work on making hundreds of flowers created from recycled Tshirts collected in Cheng Long.  She is working with her volunteers in the bird blind structure.

Lala cutting out fabric-small












In this photo artist Maurice Meewisse from the Netherlands is trying out his idea to make a recycled roofing material from old bicycle tires collected at the nearby recycling center.  Maurice’s art project in Cheng Long is to repair several fishing huts and create a new “folly” hut to record all the repairs he makes.

Maurice Jane vol looking at tire roof-small




The 2014 artists and their volunteers went to the local recycling center near Cheng Long village to gather supplies for their art installations.  LaLa, the Taiwanese artist, was looking to find many bottle caps, metal as well as plastic ones, for her installation.Image 

Maurice, the artist from Netherlands, saw many old bicycle tires at the recycle center, and gathered many of these that he is thinking to cut up and use for roofing materials in his “folly” fishing hut installation.  This is one of his Taiwanese volunteers climbing on top of the pile of tires to find the best ones. Image 

It was an exciting place for artists, and Joaquin, Katie, Maurice, and LaLa all found lots of things they can use for their art installations.

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Sunday, April 13 Art Project Activities

On this day the artists and volunteers traveled by car to some other sites in Yunlin County.  ImageWe visited a solar farm to learn more about solar energy in Taiwan because one of the 2014 artists, Joaquin, from Argentina, will be creating an art installation using wind and solar power to provide some electricity and fresh water for the fish farmers at one of the fishing huts.  At the solar farm in Yunlin County we saw lots of power being generated by huge sheds covered with solar panels, and underneath the solar paneled roof they are growing vegetables!

After a wonderful lunch of healthy food at the solar farm, we traveled to another nearby city in Yunlin County to visit with a bamboo master so that the artists could learn some techniques for working with bamboo from a local mater craftsmen.  This photo shows the master explaining how a chair he is making from bamboo is structured and put together.  Many of the foreign artists have not used bamboo so much, but in Taiwan it is probably the most available natural material and very versatile for building sculptures.  It is also a sustainable material as it grows quickly.  The artists have also gathered some recycled bamboo from the beach near Cheng Long to use for their artworks.  I think all of the artists this year except Thierry wlll be using some bamboo for their artworks.  


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Artists meet the Cheng Long Elementary School Children and Teachers


On Friday April 11 the artists and volunteers went to Cheng Long Elementary School to meet the students that will work with them to create the 2014 art installations at the Cheng Long fishing hut area.  Here you can see the artists having tea with the school principal.  

The students presented a special program for the artists; the lower grades performed an English alphabet song, and the older children played some recorder songs.  The artists introduced their country to the students, and here you can see some children with Katie, the artist from UK, trying to find her country on the globe.  Image 

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2014 Cheng Long Art Project Begins!

The 2014 artists for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project arrived in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan yesterday, April 10.  The 6 artists for 2014 came from

Argentina – Joaquin Fargas…..he wins the record for the longest distance traveled!

from Europe – Thierry Godet, originally from France but now living in Berlin, Germany and Maurice Meewisse from the Netherlands and Katie Surridge from London, UK

from USA – Kathy Bruce arrived from New York City

from Taiwan – LaLa Wang arrived from Taipei

This photo shows some of the artists arriving by car from the Chiayi High Speed Rail Station and being greeted by the volunteers for our project that come from all over Taiwan.  The volunteers and artists spend 25 days in this small fishing village in southwest Taiwan to make environmental art installations, this year on the theme of “Fishing for a Better Environment.”Volunteers greet and meet artists2719










This photo shows the volunteers already starting to work, having a training meeting just before the artists arrive in Cheng Long village.

Volunteer meeting I hear there will be  a special game this year for the children in Cheng Long Elementary School who will also be helping the artists!  Each artist has a class to work  with, and the special game is to encourage the children to spend more time helping their artist and win a prize at the end of this 25 day residency for the artists in Cheng Long village.

Watch here for updates!   We are going to try and post a couple of photos each day to show you how the artists are progressing and what is happening with the 2014 Cheng Long art project.

The photos are taken by my husband, Timothy S. Allen, and he too is enjoying the Cheng Long art project this year and meeting the artists and volunteers.


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HELLO to children from Joaquin

Hello boys and girls,

Mi name is Joaquin Fargas, I was born in Argentina a country in South America, very far from Cheng Long.
我的名字是Joaquin Fargas。我出生於南美洲的國家阿根廷,離成龍村非常的遙遠。

When I was a Kid I like to explore the sourroundings playing with everything I find and making experiments.

Now, I’ve been working on Art, Science and Technology for long time.

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I’ m concern about the environment and most of my projects are about making art works for the awareness on climate change, sustainability of our planet and the future of the human being. I love working with children doing workshops, making things together, sharing our creativity. Also conducted workshops for adults regarding alternative energies, construction of solar ovens and more.

I have four children, they are grown ups. I have a pet, a cat called wifi, as he is wireless.

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Because of my work I visited all the continents of the planet, including Antarctica.

I look forward to seeing you in Cheng Long and learn about your culture, I hope I will speak at least some words in chinese after leaving your country.

Joaquin testing ideas for the Cheng Long project Joaquin在測試成龍溼地藝術計畫的提案,各位鄉親最近家裡有大寶特瓶的請留著喔~清明後就可以給Joaquin用了!!

Joaquin testing ideas for the Cheng Long project


Best wishes


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Hello to Children from Thierry

Dear children from Cheng-Long!

When I was living in Sweden I started to make my own bread because my oldest son Linus couldn’t eat the bread from the bakery.

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When I came to Germany about 20 years ago I was asked to lead a bread project with teenagers and inhabitants from the north of the city. We first build a baking oven to bake breads, pizzas, cakes or “artistic” breads; 4-5 times a year; at X-mas, Easter, for summer etc.

But I was not satisfied with the oven we had, so I tried to construct ovens myself.

Since then, I have built about 25 larges ovens and several small ones: ovens for a festival, for one day; ovens for baking or just for playing with the elements, fire, smoke, flames, and earth. As there is a lot of forest in the city with plenty of wild boars, I started making baking ovens for cooking boars.

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But until today I have never made an art project like I want to do with you in Cheng-Long. So I’m really excited for what is coming out in these weeks working together.

Tools we need for mud. We also will need some cooking tools. 我們會需要用來鏟土的工具。我們也會需要一些廚具。

Tools we need for mud.
We also will need some cooking tools.

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