Posted by: QQmei | December 10, 2009

Hello world!

Jane said, i need to have a photo. i found this one which i took at the Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park, UK, 2007. i wonder whether this 'mirror' artist will hear our calling for proposal....;)

哈囉~大家好! 我是成龍溼地偵探社的大偵探QQ湄啦! 我現在要開始寫英文囉~

今天我和旅居台灣的國際環境藝術策展人艾婕音約在台中國美館見面.我們有個愉快的討論,並且即將要公告”成龍溼地國際環境藝術季 – 孩子和藝術家的溼地禮讚”計畫!!!!! 因為這個計畫將希望能和世界各地的孩子們一起討論自己國家的溼地,並分享大家採取行動讓生活環境更美好所做的事,所以我們討論到該用facebook或Blog? 結果我們還是決定用Blog.因此,以後這個部落格就將成為世界各地學童.老師及藝術家們交換溼地議題的平台囉!! (請歡呼~)

這是QQmei第一次統籌這樣國際性的環境教育活動,真是一大挑戰啊!希望未來一切都能很順利~阿彌陀佛! (疑?是可以這樣翻譯嗎XD ?)

Hello, i am chao-mei. Children in Cheng-Long village call me QQmei ~:)   

Today i met Jane at the Art Museum in Taichung. We had a happy talk in the sunshine. After we renew again our proposal, we will officially announce the Cheng-Long Wetland Internatinal Environmental Art Project soooooon. This blog is set as a platform for international school children, teachers and artists to exchange their ideas about  wetland and how everyone can make a difference for their environment. You can see what we do in central Taiwan, and you are the most welcome to share what you do in your country or community with us!!! 

I am so excited about this new project! For me, it is a big challenge. Hope everything go very well! finger crossed!



  1. Hello World,
    I am Jane Ingram Allen, an American artist and curator living in Taiwan since 2004. Everyone calls me “Jane.” I am very happy to be part of the new Cheng Long Wetlands International Art Project and working with QQmei and the children at Cheng Long Elementary School in Yunlin County, Taiwan, and hopefully soon with artists and school children from many countries around the world.
    We will be posting soon the complete description of the project and a call to artists to submit their ideas for joining the project.

    • Dear Jane and dear QQmei
      I`m an austrian artist living at the danube and wetland in a small village called Wallsee. Since 2009 I`m working with the children and teachers of our elementary
      school. Our Project is called “New stories from the Waterfront”, means kids
      are inventing stories their own stories about their experiences with the positive
      as well as negative sides of living near the water. They are illustrating the
      stories also on their own. It`s quite a fun for all of us and sometimes hard work
      because the children are working in teams (4 – 6 kids a group) and you can imagine how many different ideas they have! I think if a group of grown-ups
      has to do the same it wouldn`t be only hard work but much quarrel.Since winter I`m connecting with schools in Ireland, Marrocco and Usbekistan
      because we`ll try to make a storybook for children made by children. So in spring I`m going with some of the kids and teacher to Ireland to work together. Before summerholidays we start our sculpture garden along the waterline. Even I`m an artist I appreciate the artistic work of children most,
      they are direct without douts.
      If you are interested to connect with us let me know!! And maybe there`s a way to get to know the stories of your children!
      In Europe borders get closed, racism is growing – children have no fear of contact and are open minded so their artistic work and stories can increase
      our minds and hearts!
      Now I wish all of you all the best for the future and your project!
      Many greetings also to the children!!
      And maybe there`s a way to connect

      • Hello, Eva, thanks for your message. Your project sounds great, i would like to know more. Do you want to send us some pictures and your ideas of the proposed work in ChengLong? I think Jane will contact with you soon. Thanks again & Looking forward to hearing from you again 🙂

      • Hi Eva,
        Your project sounds very interesting and we would love to know more about it. I hope you will want to send a proposal yourself if you are interested in being considered as one of the international artists for our project at Cheng Long Wetlands. You can see all the required materials that should be sent to me by e mail by Feb. 12. Hope to hear more from you.
        Thank you again for your interest in the Cheng Long Wetlands Environmental Sculpture Project.
        Best wishes,

  2. Hi Jane,
    I’m Marja. the sister of Puck Bramlage. Together we are doublydutch.
    My specialty is video, I sold a production on papermaking in Nepal to the CODA museum.
    Disd a production for a restauration of the oldest Dutch papermill and I did projects for the Florida wetlands etc.etc.
    I would love to make a video/documentary about this project!
    Take a look at my website, which is a little out of date because of the last years problems with our home.
    Also look at

    Wouldn’t it be nice to capture this project on video and make a nice DVD!

    If possible I would love to come together with Puck!

    Best wishes for a great New Year!


  3. Hi – Wonderful project. We are doing a Healing Water project on Salt Spring Island and it might be nice to connect. Can you tell us what accommodations are arranged for visiting artists? Thanks! Caffyn

    • Hi Caffyn, Thanks for your interest in our art project at Cheng Long Wetlands in Taiwan. I will also check out the Internet for more information about your Healing Water project on Salt Spring Island. Hope we can stay in touch!
      About the accommodations for the visiting artists at Cheng Long…we will rent a house in the community or maybe two houses, and all the artists and the curator (me) will stay together in the house or houses. Each artist will have a separate bedroom and we will share the common spaces. We will have a place to cook and eat together. We also plan to hire a local cook to make dinners for the artists so that they can experience some of the local food traditions. There are no hotels or restaurants in the community so we think this will be a very enjoyable experience for the artists and also be more like really being a part of the community!

  4. Dear Cheng Long friends,
    We’ve been hearing so much about the devastating 8.8 earthquake in Santiago Chile today, also about potential tsunami occurrance. Might this affect you in Taiwan?
    We hope you will be safe from harm!

  5. Hi Lizbeth,
    Thank you so much for your concern. We were also very sad to hear about the terrible earthquake in Chile. There was no problem with a tsunami in Taiwan. We do have frequent earthquakes in Taiwan too, but have not any bad ones for a while. We are hoping things continue okay, and we send our deepest sympathy and best wishes to the people in Chile and in Haiti who have recently suffered these disasters.
    Thank you again for thinking of us in Taiwan.

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