Posted by: QQmei | January 12, 2010

Know more the Site……

Hello, do you find that there are more “pages” above? Here also we draw a map for you, hope you can know more the site and can give you some ideas… 🙂  
**Site A.C. D. E. F & G are especially the recommended places for the art installations. 
請大家查看這個部落格刊頭的位置, 那裡有幾個新增的頁面,大家可以在那裡看到許多關於社區.學校及溼地的照片.

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A : the ChengLong Elementary School

B: a square in front of the temple, children always play here. (from A to B about 8 mins by walk. )

C: here is the entrance of the wetland. it is nearly dry in the winter.

C: could anyone help us to have an attractive entrance? (from A to C about 10 mins by walk.)

C: in summer !

D: Here used to be a pig house. it is broken now. (from A to D about 15 mins by walk.)

D: here you can see the whole house.

D: the crumbling wall

E: Bird watching station (from A to E : about 23 mins by walk)

E: the other side of the wall (unfinished)

E: wall and the wetland

F: we don't know why the tubes are here, just paint on them 😛 (From A to F: about 25 mins by walk)

F: poles in the water - the evidence of the land-subsidence.

F: the water is very deep in some parts of the wetland.

G: you can see the water gate from F. (from A to G: about 30 mins by walk.)

G: the main water gate that control the water in the wetland and fish farms.

G: only a narrow path leads to the water gate.

G: only a narrow path leads to the water gate. This is our secret base, children are not allowed to go there by themself.

H: you can see lots oyster shells in this little village. (from A to H: over 40 mins by walk)

H: oyster shells and clam shells everywhere...

ya~~ Looking forward to a more attractive wetland!!!



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