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Proposals Received So Far

(哈囉~親愛的中文讀者,Jane的這篇文字,我明天會把他簡單地翻成中文,請大家明天一定要再回頭來看喔~因為Jane在文中有提到,已經有15位藝術家投稿給她了….緊張緊張~~QQ湄和郭小孩現在在成龍,晚上八點半, 再不去口湖覓食,就只能吃7-11了!!  明天見 QQmei)
(中文摘譯在後 /2009.01.20)

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to update everyone about the proposals that I am receiving now by e mail from artists all over the world who want to create an environmental art installation at Cheng Long Wetlands.  I have received entries already from 15 artists even though the deadline is still several weeks away.  Remember to get your proposal materials to me before the deadline of February 12.  My email address for receiving your files is

I have also answered lots of e mail requests from artists for more information about the project.  One of the most frequent questions is about the artist providing a connection to a school in his community.  For this part of the project, we want the artist to provide a connection to a school or an environmental youth organization that would want to partner with the Cheng Long Elementary School to continue some international exchange between the students.   The exchange would be by e mail and hopefully develop some international dialogue and continuing exchange between the students about environmental issues and art focused on the envirnoment.

I will also be happy to answer any other questions about the exhibition from interested artists. You can leave comments here on the Blog or you can contact me directly by e mail at this address:  allenrebeccajanei@gmail. com

I have been living in Taiwan for over 5 years since coming here from America as a Fulbright Scholar artist in residence.  My husband Tim and I decided to stay in Taiwan because we enjoy the culture and especially the people.  I continue to do art projects all over Taiwan and in other countries.  I was the curator for the past 4 years for the Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival in Taipei and this year for an international exhibition of art about the marine environment at the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium in Pingtung County, Taiwan.  I am posting an image from the 2009 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival by American artist Roy Staab.

This work is by American artist Roy Staab, titled "Energy Center" at the 2009 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival in Taipei, Taiwan that I curated.

I am also posting an image from the “Turning the Tide” exhibition in December 2009 at the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium.  This photo shows the work “Fish Trap” by French artist Thierry Godet.

from the exhibition "Turning the Tide" international environmental art exhibition

I think the Cheng Long Wetlands Environmental Art Project will be quite different and an exciting opportunity for me as a curator. I visited Cheng Long Wetlands last November to plan for this exhibition “Children and Artists Celebrate the Wetland” and I am excited to be working in this interesting and unique community.  It is very small and very rural and will give international artists a unique and intimate look at Taiwan that is very different from what tourists usually see who visit only Taipei and the other big cities in Taiwan.

I will keep you updated as I receive more applications and questions from interested artists.



Jane 在上面提到:雖然距離收件截止日還有數個星期,但到目前為止,已有來自世界各地十五位藝術家透過電子郵件提交他們想在成龍溼地進行的藝術裝置了。請各位有意參與徵選的藝術家們,別忘了將投稿所需文件,在2月12日前寄給Jane(



Jane已經從美國來到台灣五年了,當時她是以傅爾布萊特獎助藝術家的身份來台,後來就和先生Tim決定住在台灣,因為她和先生都很喜歡這裡的文化,特別是人。Jane住在台灣後仍持續進行許多藝術計畫,有的在台灣、有的在其他國家。在過去的四年,她為台北闗渡自然公園策劃國際藝術節,最近則有一個展”潮向未來”是在屏東海生館。大家可以參考Jane所提供的二張照片。第一張照片是2009年一位美國藝術家Roy Staab在關渡自然公園的裝置藝術作品。第二張則是法國藝術家Thierry Godet在海生館的作品「魚籠」。


Jane 說,在她接到更多來信及提問後,會再和大家分享。



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  2. 很高興.成龍濕地又即將有新的改變與新的關注.活力. 願可以藉以這個活動有更多人去愛惜它( 溼地).


    • 鍋爸~謝謝您的訊息. 我們試過了,進入那網站也要帳號密碼,我們明天會向公所洽詢.

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