Posted by: QQmei | January 30, 2010

Winter Vacation and Visitors

A boy came to school to help with wall painting. There are many wall painting in the school and the community.

Now is winter vacation in Taiwan. School children don’t need to go to school, so it is a little bit quiet in our office this week. However, it will be busy again next week when we launch our winter camp. What will we do in this winter camp?  Hehe….We prepare something FOR YOU…..but it is still a secret. I will let you know after Chinese New Year.

As for the winter visitors, who might come from your country and now stay in the Chenglong Wetland, they are all safe and healthy.  They eat a lot, sleep well and will back to North around March and April. You might be able to meet each other, when  you come to ChengLong Wetland for our art  project. Here are some photos i took these two days.

Also you can find some Brids information here: 

Black-headed Gulls(紅嘴鷗 Larus ridibundus). Are they too heavy?

sooooooooooooo many gulls stay in the ChengLong wetland now!

Ducks are mainly Wigeons (赤頸鴨Anas penelope), Pintails (尖尾鴨 Anas acuta) and Shovelers (琵嘴鴨Anas clypeata )

Birds Fly.......

Winter Visitors @ ChengLong Wetland, please click to enlarge!

They all will celebrate Chinese New Year with us here in the ChengLong Wetland!!!

If you have any idea of  ‘Children and Artists Celebrate the Wetalnd’ , Please don’t forget to hand in your proposal to Jane ( )by 12, Feb, 2010.


  1. Reeeeeeally lots of birds!!!

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