Posted by: janeingramallen | February 9, 2010

Deadline for Proposals is February 12!

Entries for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project are coming in fast and furiously now!  Be sure to get your proposal documents emailed to me by midnight on February 12.  Those of you in the Western hemisphere will have a few extra hours to get things in because you are behind us in time here in Taiwan.  When it is 12 midnight on February 12 in Taiwan, it will still be 12 Noon on February 12 in New York!

I will be reviewing all of the applications and making decisions by March 1 about which artists we can invite for this exhibition “Children and Artists Celebrate the Wetland.”  I will contact everyone who sent a proposal by e mail to let each artist know who is selected.  I am excited about all of the entries we are receiving and look forward to having a great group of artists to work with at Cheng Long in Taiwan.

Contact me by e mail if you have any specific questions about the project: and be sure to get your proposal in before the deadline. Again my email is

Stay tuned here to hear the news about who is selected!

時間似乎咻~~一下就過去了,咱們的成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫徵件眼看著就要截止啦!!! 請各位有意投稿的藝術家們,不要忘記在台灣時間2 月12日午夜前,把你的提案寄給我們!那些住在西半球的藝術家們,千萬不要忘記了估算時差!!!!因為當紐約還是2 月12日中午12點時,台灣已經半夜了!!!!! 

我們會在3月1日前完成徵件的審查及決選工作,最後獲選參加「兒童與藝術家的溼地禮讚」之藝術家名單,將會以email寄送給所有投稿者,讓您們彼此知道是誰獲選了!啊~ 看著大家的提案,真是令人期待,好希望能趕快看到一組超讚的藝術家來到成龍溼地呀!! 



Ps. 今天QQmei這裡也接到幾位台灣藝術家的提問,剛好都有人問到「孩子參與」會到什麼程度?關於這個問題,QQmei必需重申Jane曾經提過的話,請各位藝術家,雖然要考慮到作品與孩子的互動,但是,一定要確知,自己有能力在沒有任何人幫忙的情況下,你可以在規定的時間內完成作品。(目前大致可以確知,成龍國小周四下午的海洋課程會配合本計畫,放學後及周末有興趣的孩子會去幫忙。)

若台灣藝術家有任何疑問,可以email給QQmei 或打電話 05-7970856 (成龍溼地偵探社辦公室,如果沒人接,請不要放棄,通常早晚比較會在,下午在帶孩子進行活動…as below 啦!)

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