Posted by: janeingramallen | March 1, 2010

Announcing the Artists for the Cheng Long Wetlands Art Project

We have finally made the very difficult decision about which artists to invite for the Cheng Long International Environmental Art Project “Children and Artists Celebrate the Wetlands.”  QQMei and I met with representatives from the Kuan Shu Educational Foundation, the principal of Cheng Long Elementary School, some representative from Taiwan’s Department of Forestry and officials from Yunlin County and the Kou hu Township to review the finalists I selected and decide which proposals would fit best for this year.

We selected the following international artists:

Myriam du Manoir – France

Roy Staab – USA

Shilpa Joglekar – India

Chiaping Lu and Chungho Cheng – Taiwan

Yi-chun Lo – Taiwan

In the next few days I will be posting information about each of these artists and also post the sketches that the artists submitted so you can see what they are proposing to make for this project.  We are very excited about the proposals and look forward to welcoming these artists to Cheng Long!

Thank you again to all the artists who sent in a proposal.  We really appreciated seeing all the great ideas and the creative imagination of artists all over the world.  We hope to do this project again next year and look forward to seeing your proposal next year when we send out another call for proposals.


「成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫 – 兒童與藝術家的溼地禮讚」決選名單終於熱騰騰地出爐啦!!! 這可是Jane和QQmei在過年後緊鑼密鼓會同了農委會林務局、雲林縣政府、口湖鄉公所、成龍國小以及觀樹教育基金會等各級長官擔任評審,逐一討論,了解各方觀點及意見後,評選出來的「夢幻團隊」—既要考慮作品的原創性、適地性、迫切性,還要兼顧藝術家和孩子互動的經驗與資歷,甚至還希望男女老少皆有,並且大家真能來自”世界各地”……

於是, 入選的五名藝術家如下:

Myriam du Manoir (法國)

Roy Staab (美國)

Shilpa Joglekar (印度)

呂嘉萍 & 鄭中和 (台灣 澎湖)

羅懿君 (台灣)

恭喜, 恭喜!!! 四月的時候,就要麻煩大家一起來為成龍溼地增添美麗及強化其功能囉! 我們在未來幾天,將會陸續把五位入選藝術家的作品公告在部落格上,敬請大家拭目以待!



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