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Introducing the Artists and their Sketches

The five international artists selected for the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project each submitted sketches for the sculpture installation they will be making at Cheng Long Wetlands, Yunlin County, Taiwan.  It is always interesting to see how the ideas change and develop after the artists come here and begin to work.  
大家應該都很想看看到底入選的藝術家們,他們的提案是什麼吧?!現在就讓我們跟著策展人Jane,一起來看看本次「成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫 – 兒童與藝術家的溼地禮讚」獲選的作品。這些都是構想草圖,當藝術家到了現場並且開始工作後,可能會有一些改變,大家到時候可以比較前後的差異,肯定非常有趣!
Myriam du Manoir's sketch for "Migratory Birds"

This sketch shows a flock of large bird sculptures that French artist Myriam du Manoir will create at Cheng Long Wetlands

This sketch  shows the installation proposed by Myriam du Manoir of France, called “Migratory Birds.”  Myriam lives in southeastern France in the small village of Crest, and she has created many sculpture installations in Europe using natural materials that are somewhat similar to what she is planning at Cheng Long.  Here she will face a challenge of using new materials collected in Taiwan and making her work fit the site selected at Cheng Long Wetlands.
首先,為大家介紹來自法國的Myriam du Manoir,大家看到的這張速寫,是Myriam提案作品「候鳥」的草圖。Myriam (這名字發音應該很像”瑪麗安”吧?!),她住在法國南部一個小村莊Crest,在歐洲有很多自然藝術裝置的經驗,這次在成龍的提案正是她所擅長的用自然素材去創作動物。不過來到台灣,她將面對新的挑戰,如何使用法國沒有的竹子及利用成龍村附近可以取得的自然材料完成創作? 請大家拭目以待!!

American artist Roy Staab will create a sculpture installation in the shape of a fish or other wildlife using oyster shells placed on bamboo poles in the water.

This sketch is from American artist Roy Staab.  Royis from the Midwestern state of Wisconsin in the USA and lives near Milwaukee, the largest city in the state.  He has created site specific installations with natural materials at nature centers and parks all over the world.  At Cheng Long he wants to work with the children to make use of the abundant oyster shells in the nearby village and create a sort of drawing in the water with shells placed on bamboo poles posted in the water.  The children and Roy will decide together what wetlands creature he will use as the basis for the shape of his installation.  This artwork will be interesting to view at different times of day and from different viewpoints.
第二張圖是美國藝術家Roy Staab的作品草圖。Roy來自美國的威斯康辛州,他住的地方離該州最大的城市Milwaukee(密爾瓦基市)很近。Roy的自然藝術作品遍及世界各地的自然中心及公園。在成龍溼地這裡,他想要帶著孩子們利用附近豐富的蚵殼進行創作,Roy的構想是把蚵殼立在竹子上,然後將一根根的竹子插在溼地裡去拼出圖案,圖案是由孩子和Roy討論出來的溼地生物。這件作品將會很有趣,因為太陽斜角及觀看角度的不同,看到的景像就會不一樣。

Sketch for proposed artwork by Shilpa Joglekar from India

Artist Shilpa Joglekar is from India and lives in the big city of Mumbai on the Southwestern coast of India.  Shilpa has done many public art projects working with children and community people in her city, and she is excited about coming to Taiwan to work in Cheng Long.  She will create a sculpture installation that is also a play structure for the children.  It will be made from recycled bamboo and have lots of “windmills” on it that the children will make with the artist.  The sculpture installation will be located at the school yard of Cheng Long Elementary School and provide lots of enjoyment for the children.
第三位藝術家Shilpa Joglekar來自印度西南沿海的大城市孟買。Shilpa有許多和孩子及社區一起進行公共藝術創作的經驗,她非常期待能夠來到台灣在成龍溼地進行創作。她將要利用廢棄的蚵架,製作一個可以讓孩子們當遊樂器材攀爬的大型裝置藝術,其上裝點著孩子們共同完成的風車。這件作品預計放置在成龍國小裡,提供孩子們更多的歡樂!

This sketch shows the sculpture installation that will be created by the Taiwanese couple Chiaping Lu and Chungho Cheng.

Chiaping Lu and Chungho Cheng are from Penghu and will be coming to Cheng Long Wetlands to create a sculpture installation of several bird watching shelters that will be made using natural materials such as mulberry tree bark and bamboo.  Children can sit under these shelters and watch the birds without scaring them away.  The sculpture installation will be sited near the wetlands where there are many different birds that come to visit this area.  The artists plan to work with the school children to build the structures and beat the fibrous tree bark into sheets in the ancient way.

Artist Yi-chun Lo of Taiwan will create a sculpture installation in the Cheng Long Wetlands based on shell shapes.

Yi-chun Lo is an artist from Taipei and she will come to Cheng Long to create a sculpture installation of several shell-shaped structures made with a bamboo framework and covered with shells.  Inside the shell-shaped shelters she will make a seat so that people can have a place to rest and watch the birds and enjoy the view at Cheng Long Wetlands.  She plans to work with the school children and  the community to build the structures and use many shells to cover them.

We are all excited about the proposed artworks and can’t wait to see them realized here in Cheng Long.  We will put more information here on the Blog soon about each of the artists.  Now the artists are getting their airplane tickets and preparing for the journey to Taiwan.  They will be arriving in Cheng Long on April 7!



  1. Congratulations, this selection is magnificent.
    We met Myriam Du Manoir on our 7th event in Jaujac (France). Our selection committee, presided by Ralph Petty, curator of the Combes Gallery at the American University of Paris, invited Myriam Du Manoir to Jaujac. During her four-week residency, she worked with 30 children (10-year-olds) in the Jaujac elementary school and their teacher Isabelle Pigeyre, and then worked on three projects with the middle-school classes of Jastres (13-year-olds), along with their fine-arts teacher. Everyone appreciated Myriam Du Manoir’s work, as she explained her artistic approach and her work in and with nature extremely well. The Jaujac students learned about different artistic concepts and different methods; they especially like the materials, the various types of earths used (acidic, clay), their odors, their textures. Weaving the scotch broom was another wonderful moment of exchange, learning and rediscovering traditional practices, like cutting the broom to use for rooftops. The installation of all the children’s projects, with their names, on the Sentier Art et Nature, was a meaningful moment of sharing between the children and the adults (teacher, artist and parents). Myriam Du Manoir has a tremendous ability to communicate with children as well as with adults. Her artistic approach, her interest for construction techniques using earth or other materials that are rarely used anymore, was a starting point for numerous discussions with the people in the village, who are attuned to protecting the environment and using traditional knowledge. The work created in 2008 was extremely well received, as it was esthetic, pleasant to touch, and perfectly integrated in the site for which it was created (the volcano crater)—and clearly expressed that we are all able to act to preserve the Earth and therefore ourselves. It was a positive message, not moralistic in any way, which involved everyone directly but also created a sense of the surrounding beauty.
    We know that you’ll have a good time with.
    Edith and Christian Pourchaire.

  2. Hello Edith and Christian,
    It is so nice to get your comment about the artist Myriam du Manoir. After reading this it makes us even more excited that she is coming here to make an installation and work with the children at Cheng Long Elementary School. Keep watching here as the artists come to Taiwan and go to work.
    Thank you and best wishes from Taiwan,

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