Posted by: janeingramallen | March 30, 2010

International Artists coming to Cheng Long Wetlands

Soon you will be seeing some new faces around Cheng Long village, at the Cheng Long Elementary School and working in the wetlands.  The international artists will arrive in Cheng Long on April 7 and begin creating their site-specific artworks on April 8 and continue working in Cheng Long through April 26.  

Here are the names of the artists and their pictures:


Myriam du Manoir – France

Myriam du Manoir

Roy Staab – USA

Roy Staab

Shilpa Joglekar – India

Shilpa Joglekar

Chiaping Lu (呂嘉萍)and Chungho Cheng (鄭中和) – Taiwan

Chiaping Lu and Chungho Cheng

Yi-Chun Lo (羅懿君) – Taiwan

Yi-Chun Lo

Be sure to say “Hello” to the artists when you see them around Cheng Long in the next few weeks.

We will all be arriving there on April 7 and look forward to meeting everyone and learning about the Cheng Long community!

日後在成龍看到這些藝術家時,不要忘記Say Hello喔!!

See you  soon!



  1.  Welcome all artists visit Cheng-Long village. Although, you come from different countrys . But, with you enter our village . Environment will be noticed by people who lived here.

  2. more photos! please.

  3. The pictures of the project in 2010 were very inspiring. Dreams of greener wetlands of exists also in the Netherlands. Around Amsterdam the land is often lower than sealevel and the rivers. All is protected, and there are many small waters between the the green fields or sometimes it is better to say there is some land between the waters. I would like to participate to the project in 2011 and preparing a proposal.
    best wishes
    kind regards, harald schole

    • It is nice to hear about the wetlands in the Netherlands! In some ways it sounds similar to Cheng Long. Cheng Long Wetland was created from rising water and sinking land. We look forward to seeing your proposal for the 2011art project.

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