Posted by: QQmei | March 30, 2010

Welcome to Taiwan

Time flies, only one week left before artists coming!!!!

In order to welcome artists, as well as announce the international art project to all in the village and ask everyone’s help, we had a puppet show with children at the end of last month.

Children learned how to make puppets using socks and old clothes. Also, they discussed the story and roles.  Before public performance in front of the village temple, they practised again and again…..

Here is the show :

PART I  ( Before the show, we paraded through the village! Also, a dance before the show….everyone was very nervous…)

PART II  (Sorry, no English. But the show told parents and grandparetns that children start to learn lots English in school, because 5 international artists will come to ChengLong Village in April for 3 weeks. Please help with accommodations, dinner, materials, tools…..)

PART III  (Welcome to Taiwan!!!!)

After this show, we did get a lot of help from the community. Now we have enough rooms for artists and volunteers (although it is small, it is clean!). We know where to get free shells and where to buy bamboos……The village has prepared lots colourful banners and  a WELCOME PARTY for all artists ~ Welcome to Taiwan!!!!!  Welcome to ChengLong !!!



  1. 唉~~ 好可惜沒被選中!
    本來還想這樣就有藉口可以回去台灣一趟了! 呵呵~~

    Anyway, 希望這次的計畫一切順利!
    雖然沒能參與, 還是很迫不及待想看成果了!

    大家加油囉! 🙂

  2. Hello, Alice, 不是沒選中啦XD 本是想說您清明節有要回來再邀請您 可是看來您是要特別為我們回來 就比較不好意思啦! 真的很謝謝您和熱心的媽媽 🙂 有回台灣 要來看我們喔!!

  3. hey those puppets look super awesome!!!!
    Cant wait to see the art works that are coming up 🙂

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