Posted by: janeingramallen | April 19, 2010

Artworks going up

All the artists are working very hard to get the works all completed by this Friday morning for our press conference and official opening ceremony on Friday, April 22, at 10:30 AM.

Here are some photos of the artworks in various stages of completion.

Shilpa Joglekar’s “Box of Windmills” is all finished now, at least the structural part.  It is a strong structure that all the children can enjoy playing on as well as being an environmental sculpture.  Now Shilpa is making many pink paper windmills to attach to all parts of this structure so that the changing winds in Cheng Long will move the windmills.  Later this week the 1st and 2nd graders will also make more white paper windmills using recycled paper to add to the structure.

Roy Staab of the USA and his volunteer helper A-Mei are putting hundreds of bamboo poles into the earth at his site for his installation titled “Invasive Species.”  The bamboo poles form a fish-shape representing an invasive species in these wetlands.  Each bamboo pole will have a white oyster shell inserted into the top. This view of Roy’s work in progress is taken from the nearby highway overpass and shows Roy and Amei working in the field putting in the poles.  Later the 3rd graders at Cheng Long Elementary School will help Roy put in all the shells.

Myriam du Manoir from France is working on the third bird for her installation titled “Migratory Birds.”  This photo shows Myriam and her volunteer joining the braided reeds to the bamboo structure.  Myriam will be installing her birds in the wetlands soon and everyone will help to carry them and place them there.  

Chiaping Lu and Chungho Chen of Penghu, Taiwan, are working far out in the wetlands at the most scenic spot.  They are making two structures of bamboo covered with bark and other natural materials that children can use to watch the birds without scaring them away.  The artists are also making a bamboo arch joining two pieces of land in the wetlands, and this arch is for the birds to sit on and watch the humans!  This photo shows the two artists putting in the bamboo arch structure.

Yi-Chun Lo of Taipei, Taiwan, is hard at work with volunteers and community children to finish her three shell-shaped structures where local people can sit inside to view the wetlands and watch the birds.  Yi-chun plans to cover the bamboo structures with many oyster shells found around the village.  Here you can see Yi-chun and working on the largest shell-shaped structure.

We are all having a good time in Cheng Long and enjoy eating dinner together each evening.  We could not do this project without all the great planning and organization by QQ Mei!  Here is a photo of QQMei at dinner time with some of the others in the background.


  1. These environmental sculptures have many ideas and techniques from this artists . They choose bambooS and oyster shells to do their materials in Chenglong Wetlands . Maybe , They have never been to Chenglong village before.The artists and volunters gave this place a meaningful presents one day .

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