Posted by: janeingramallen | April 29, 2010

Completed Artworks at Cheng Long Wetlands

The artworks are all finished now and the artists and volunteers have gone back to their homes.  The artworks all look great and we hope they will be enjoyed by the children, the community and the visitors for many months.  The first Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project was a great success, and we hope to do it again next year.

Please take a look at these photos of the 5 art installations:

Myriam du Manoir – France

Title of Artwork:  Migratory Birds

Materials: bamboo, reeds, rope

Myriam’s sculpture installation is a grouping of migratory birds representing the bird visitors to this wetland. The children helped decide which species to represent and also helped with the construction.  Myriam’s installation focuses on the importance of this wetland as a temporary home for migrating birds.

Roy Staab – USA

Title of Artwork:  Invasive Species

Materials:  Oyster shells, bamboo

Roy’s sculpture installation uses recycled materials collected in Cheng Long. His work represents a fish species that was brought here from another country. The fish shape is drawn with oyster shells attached to the top of bamboo poles like an ancient technique of oyster farming. This installation encourages people to think about the effects of invasive species in the wetlands.

Shilpa Joglekar – India

Title of Artwork:  Box of Windmills – Play Gym

Materials:  Bamboo, rope, recycled paper, other natural materials

Shilpa’s installation is a sculptural play structure at the Cheng Long Elementary School that has many windmills created by the children attached to it. The sculpture installation made with bamboo collected in the area provides an interesting play area for the community children and focuses attention on the wind in Cheng Long.

Chiaping Lu and Chung-ho Cheng – Taiwan

Title of Artwork:  View Beneath the Wing

Materials:  bamboo, mulberry tree bark, recycled paper, sisal rope

Chiaping Lu and Chungho Cheng created a sculpture installation of natural shelters shaped like a bird’s wing for children to sit under and watch the birds without scaring them away.  The artists worked with the school children to build the structures and cover them with bamboo branches, beaten bark cloth and handmade paper.

Yi-Chun Lo – Taiwan

Title of Artwork:  Listening

Materials:  oyster shells, stones, bamboo, sisal rope, mortar made from sticky rice, sugar cane juice and powdered oyster shells

Yi-Chun’s installation is three shell-shaped structures made with bamboo framework and covered with shells.  Inside the shell-shaped shelters people can rest, watch the birds and enjoy the view.  Yi-chun  worked with school children to build the structures and collect the stones and shells for her sculpture installation.


  1. Congratulations to all 🙂

  2. I like positions, attitudes of the birds of Myriam. I acknowledge definitely his job of observation and reproduction of the expression of the mind of a kind (species). Birds are in the landscape, in the direct contact of their environment and accept their complete dependency. The human beings picture themselves always they will avoid nature and free themselves from its laws. The ultimate dream is to go to live on an another planet and to exploit it.

  3. Congratulations to all, we are on the good way… Edith

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