Posted by: QQmei | December 8, 2010

Season of Reeds, Birds and Mullet Roe

If you have time to visit ChengLong Wetlands and Kouhu Township recently, you can easily to see ducks and gulls hunting fishes in the wetlands, reeds blooming at the edge of the wetlands, as well as people salting mullet roe along the street and in front of the houses.

ducks fly over the ChengLong Wetland

ducks and snipes @ ChengLong Wetlands


ducks are very close to Chia-Ping & Chung-Ho's artwork where we do investigating


watching the ducks from the telescope (mainly pintails, wigeons and gulls)

Green-winged Teals prefer this pond (close to the school)

Green-winged Teal @ ChengLong Wetlands (close to the school)

a common snipe in the front

Reedssss... @ ChengLong Wetlands

people salt and dry mullet roe in the square

For more photos of ChengLong Wetlands, please check the PAGES on the head or sidebar.


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