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Artists send us your idea for 2011

Artists from all over the world are invited to send a proposal for the 2011 Project with the theme of “Children and Artists Dream of Greener Wetlands.”  See the links in the previous Post below for the Complete Call for Proposals and Description of the 2011 Project.  Remember the deadline for proposals is February 11, 2011.

2011成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫已經開始徵件了!!今年的主題是”兒童與藝術家夢想的綠色溼地”, 歡迎世界各地的藝術家踴躍參與提案,詳細的徵件公告,請大家參閱上一則的部落格文章. 不要忘記,徵件截止日期為2011年2月11日!!

This photo shows Taiwanese artist Yi-chun Lo working on her installation in 2010 with some village children

Be sure to follow the directions and send all the required materials by e mail to Curator, Jane Ingram Allen (in English) or to Coordinator Chao-mei Wang (in Chinese).

請各位提案的藝術家依照徵件公告的說明, 備妥所有文件, 將資料寄給策展人艾婕音( 若您是以中文提案,請寄至觀樹教育基金會 王昭湄 (

Artists are already beginning to send in proposals and ask for information about the 2011 Cheng Long International Environmental Art Project.  Some artists ask about materials that might be available; one artist wanted to know if there is earth that could be used for clay.  Others have asked me to look at their website and see if their work is appropriate.  Some asked if we were looking for teachers rather than artists.  I try to answer all the questions by e mail, but this does take lots of time.  If you look at all the archives and the information available on the Internet it should answer most of your questions.  We are looking for professional artists and not teachers although they could be one and the same.  And I do not look at websites unless the artist is a finalist.  The questions about materials will all be answered in detail with the selected artists, and usually we can find whatever you need in Taiwan.  We do prefer that artists use the local natural materials and things that are available in the local area.  


What impresses me most is the artists who follow the directions and send what is asked for in the Call for Proposals.  I sometimes get files that are over 1 MG and clog up my e mail.  I also get images that are embedded in a .doc file or .pdf rather than sent as separate .jpgs.  And sometimes artists forget to send everything required, and I have to send an e mail about the missing items.  I do acknowledge all files that I receive so that artists can know when their application is complete.  If you want to know more about Cheng Long and the art project last year, review the Blog Archives for 2010 and the Kuan Shu Educational Foundation site about Cheng Long’s environmental education programs and activities at the Link on the right side of this page.  If you still have questions you can e mail Jane Ingram Allen at or please leave your message here, we will try to reply you as soon as possible.

最讓Jane印象深刻的是那些依照徵件公告指示,資料齊全的藝術家。Jane說,有的時候,那些未依指示超過1MG的檔案,會令他的電腦當機;有些人則是未依規定寄上jpg檔,而直接把圖片嵌入word檔或pdf中; 還有些藝術家是忘了附上所需的文件,她也必需一一寫信去提醒。當Jane收到藝術家完整的提案時,她也一定會回信確認。如果大家還想知道更多關於成龍溼地或是去年藝術計畫的資料,可以試著回顧這個部落格2010的檔案夾;另外大家也可以從這個部落格右側欄位最上方點選連結到觀樹教育基金會「成龍溼地三代班」部落格,了解更多發生在成龍村的環境教育事件。如果依然還有疑問,歡迎隨時和策展人艾婕音連絡( ),或請在此部落格上留言,我們一定會儘快為大家解答。



  1. relieving poverty through the art.

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