Posted by: QQmei | December 28, 2010

More Information about the Art Project @ ChengLong

The links below are the Catalog of 2010 ChengLong Wetlands Environmental Art Project. Please read it over, you can find more information about the Art Project and the background of ChengLong Wetland. Also, you can imagine what will happen if you are selected and come to ChengLong… Please CLICK each picture to open different chapters.

Remember the ChengLong Wetland Environmental Art Project – Children and Artists Dream of Greener Wetlands is calling for proposals. Please be sure to hand in your proposal by February 11, 2011.
English contact :  Curator, Jane Ingram Allen, Email:
Chinese contact:   Chao-Mei Wang,  Email: 

在此提供2010成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫成果集的內容給大家參考。仔細閱讀, 應該可以發現更多有關這個藝術計畫的訊息, 以及成龍溼地的背景。同時應該也有助於您想像成為獲選藝術家後, 會在成龍村裡發生哪些有趣的事! 請”點選圖片”, 閱讀成果集的不同章節。

不要忘記, 2011成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫- 兒童與藝術家夢想的綠色溼地正在徵件中。請務必在2011年2月11日前將您的提案寄給策展人Jane ( )或 觀樹教育基金會 王昭湄 (  04-22304611


  1. […] or built from the land in the shallow parts of the wetlands.  I am copying below part of my Curator Essay from the catalog of the art project in 2010, and this contains a description of the wetlands and how they were formed. […]

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