Posted by: QQmei | March 25, 2011

HELLO form Hsin-Yu






I was born in 1980 in Miaoli, Taiwan. I live in Hsin-chu now. The lovely place I rent is near  National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, many junior and senior high schools, universities, Hsin-chu Municipal Glass Museum, Hsin-chu Confucian Temple, Hsin-chu Zoo, Don-shan Wetlands Park, and many other interesting places.

I have loved observing animals and plants since I was a kid; I long for the fresh air in the forest and a ride on horses. I am a self-confessed romantic who believes in a world where people and nature live in harmony, and where people like Snow White can sing and talk to animals in the deep forest. I did not start creating art until I entered university, and therefore, my creative energy is not tamed by theory and lectures in classrooms. Instead, I prefer creating art in an open space so that I can stay close to nature.

Recently, I have started working with everyday things, and I am attracted to the beauty of the ordinary objects that we often take for granted. The romantic spirit in me has awakened; I started to collect bottle caps, buttons, stationery, little things and toys that my friends no longer need. Then, I used all these bottle caps to build my own miniature gardens, and they are still growing.

In Cheng-Long wetlands, I and all of you will make and weave artworks that look like bird nests in different sizes.  We will place them in the water and on land to create places for birds to rest and play! I am looking forward to seeing you and having a wonderful time in Cheng Long in April!

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