Posted by: janeingramallen | November 8, 2011

Plans for 2012 Cheng Long International Environmental Art Project

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Plans for the 2012 Cheng Long International Environmental Art Project are still being completed.  We will send out the 2012 Call for Proposals very soon.  For now, we wanted to let everyone know that the art project will take place in April 2012 and that the theme for the 2012 art project will be “What’s for Dinner?”  Artworks for 2012 will be in the village on abandoned houses, in vacant lots, public parks, and beside the roadway as well as in the wetlands.  Artists can use recycled and natural materials and make works that raise awareness about organic aquaculture and how our seafood is produced.

Check back on this Blog in a few days for the complete Call for Proposals for the 2012 art project.

快了~快了~2012成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫的徵件公告正在”料理”中,相信再過幾日就可以熱騰騰地端出爐了!!在此稍稍揭露一些菜單內容,讓大家”聞香”一下: 2012成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫的主題敲定為–「誰來晚餐?」,藝術家駐村時間為2012年4月,本次藝術裝置將不限於溼地,包括社區裡的廢棄房舍、空地、公園、高架橋下都是可能的創作地點。藝術家可以使用的材料包括回收的或自然的素材,期待藉由此次藝術徵件能喚起大眾關心對環境友善的養殖及水產品的生產過程。



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