Posted by: QQmei | December 28, 2011

Party @ ChengLong for the 2012 art project

Hello, Dear artists,
Are you thinking of “What’s for Dinner“?  Don’t forget to email Jane your proposal by 8 Feb 2012. We will have a party on 31 December in the ChengLong village. All villagers, no matter children or adults, are invited to come. Of course, we will eat, drink (combine with many science experiments) and dance(OMG, this is our first time to teach children dance!! Maybe we could present in the welcome party when artists arrive ChengLong). In the meanwhile we will ask all villagers to help with the 2012 art project and collecting materilas that you might use in your artwork. If you have some specific ideas about materials that people use in their daily life or fish farms already, Please leave message on this blog and we can start to collect and keep them. It’s almost Chinese New Year, many families will start to clean their house. It is a good timing to do collecting and recycling!! Don’t miss the chance!

Looking forward to your proposals

Wish you have a very happy and lucky New Year of Dragon !!

Party Time!! 成龍溼地三代"趴",中文詳情請見三代班部落格


  1. see the party pictures here :

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