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2012 Cheng Long Artists Selected 公告: “誰來晚餐?” 2012 獲選藝術家

After much long and hard consideration, we have selected 6 artists for the 2012 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project with the theme of “What’s for Dinner?”  We had so many good proposals this year, and the decision was very difficult.  In the end, we decided to choose six artists this year instead of the usual five artists.  I think these artists will make an impressive exhibition and get the children and community involved in their artworks and thinking about “What’s for Dinner.”  We will welcome these artists to Cheng Long on April 12, and so keep looking at this Blog to see the progress on the installations as the artists, volunteers, children and community people start to work.  
經過了好幾番的深思熟慮,我們終於敲定「誰來晚餐?」2012成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫6位獲選藝術家名單!今年我們收到許多很好的提案,在作決定時真是萬分艱熬,最後,我們選擇了六位,比以往的五位還多。我相信這些獲選的藝術家們將會有令人印象深刻的展出,社區裡的大人小孩也將會和藝術家們合作愉快,並且一起思考「 誰來晚餐?」的議題。獲選的藝術家將於4月12日起進駐成龍村,與<史上最長的工作假期>的志工們及成龍國小的小朋友、村民們一起工作,屆時歡迎大家隨時來此部落格關心藝術家及其作品的進展。

The selected artists for 2012 are:

Markuz Wernli & Madoka Yoshitomi, Switzerland and Japan(瑞士&日本)
Markuz and Madoka, living inKyoto, will create a large mural of shells titled “Food Chain.”
Markuz 和Madoka住在日本的京都,他們打算用文蛤殼或蚵殼創作一幅名為”食物鍊”的壁畫。

2012 selected artist - Markuz & Madoka (Japan), Food Chain.

Janet Ranson, South Africa(南非)
Janet of Cape Town, South Africa, will create a sculpture installation in the wetlands called “Cycle of Life.”

2012 selected artist - Janet (South Africa), Cycle of Life.

Prashant Jogdand, India(印度)
Prashant of the Mumbai area inIndiawill create a sculpture installation in the wetlands of a rice bowl and dishes sinking into the water.

2012 selected artist - Pranchant (India) .

Isabelle Garbani, France/USA(法國/美國)
Isabelle, originally fromFrancebut now living inBrooklyn, NYC, will create an installation called “Invasive Species” using many colorful recycled plastic bags to cover an old house in the village with fanciful knitted or crocheted leaves.

2012 selected artist - Isabelle(USA), Invasive Species.

Yen-ting Hsu 許雁婷,  Taiwan(台灣)
Yen-ting, living inNewTaipeiCity, will create a sound art installation in an old house using sounds recorded from seafood production in Cheng Long.
雁婷現居新北市,她將收集成龍村裡水產養殖及生產過程的聲音, 並利用一幢老房子進行聲音裝置。

2012 selected artist - Yen-Ting (Taiwan)

Yvonne Chiu 邱禹鳳, Taiwan(台灣
Yvonne, from Kaohsiung City in south Taiwan, will create an installation titled “Dinner House” in an old house in the village using sand painting, light and animation drawings. 

2012 selected artist - Yvoone (Taiwan), Dinner House.



  1. THANKS for all proposals and congratulations to the selected artists!!!
    See you in ChengLong, Taiwan.

  2. 今年的…讚!!!

    • welcome to visit us anytime!

  3. 禹鳳要裝置的老房子餐館是豬舍那棟嗎?

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