Posted by: QQmei | March 19, 2012

Hello from Isabelle to children

Isabelle grew up in a small village in Northern France, and moved toBostonin 1984. In 2002, she moved toNew York Cityto study sculpture at the New York Academy of Art, and decided to stay.

New York Cityhas 5 boroughs:Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn andStaten Island. Isabelle lives inBrooklyn, in a neighborhood called Bay Ridge.New York Cityis an immigrant city and is very diverse: almost 36% of the people were born outside of the United Stated, and as many as 800 languages are spoken there. It is very densely populated and apartments tend to be very small… so people eat out a lot! There are many restaurants: from fine dining to street vendors, who sell anything from hot dogs to falafel sandwiches.
紐約市分成五大區:曼哈頓區、皇后區、布朗克斯區、布魯克林區,以及史泰登島區。Isabelle住在布魯克林區的「灣脊」(Bay Ridge)附近。紐約是個外來移民很多、多樣性很高的城市:大概有36%的居民都不是出生在美國,估計約有800種語言在紐約市裡被使用。這裡的人口很密集,公寓住宅的房間相對也較小….所以,大家也都傾向於外食!這裡有式各樣的餐廳:從高級的料理到街上叫賣熱狗、沙拉三明治的小販應有盡有。 

Isabelle makes all her art with plastic bags: she draws on plastic, sculpts with it, and also makes large outdoor installations. Last year, she completed Knit for Trees on Governors Island inNew York City, and Forces of Nature for the Carving Studio andSculptureCenterinVermont. Both projects used plastic bags as yarn, which were then knitted and fitted around trees.
Isabelle的創作全部都使用塑膠袋:她在塑膠袋上畫圖、用塑膠袋作造形、甚至用塑膠袋製作大型的戶外裝置藝術。去年,她完成了「為大樹編織」的藝術計畫,這些大樹位在紐約市的總督島(Governors Island)以及佛蒙特州的一個由自然力量組織所屬的雕刻及雕塑中心,在這二個地方的創作都是使用塑膠袋作為線材,然後像打毛線衣一樣,幫大樹們穿上衣服。

In Cheng-Long, Isabelle will work with the children and the community for the project Invasive Species. Plastic bags will be collected and cut, and will then be crocheted in the shape of vine leaves. The leaves will be attached to fishing nets and wrapped around a building, so the vines will look like they are taking over the structure.

Isabelle has never traveled toAsia, and she is looking forward to eating the food there!

ps. If you want to know more about how to use plastic bags to crochet, please check the link below: 
如果你想要先睹為快Isabelle是如何利用塑膠袋作編織, 可以參見這裡她特別為成龍小朋友拍攝的教學影片:


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