Posted by: QQmei | March 20, 2012

Hello from Janet to children

I am Janet Ranson fromSouth Africa. I live in Cape Town, a city in the far south of Africa, where you can find a colorful mixture of many different kinds of people, cultures, languages, religions, clothes, handcrafts  – and of course food.  We have many different cooking styles, from pies, cakes and baked dishes to hamburgers, fish and chips, spicy stews and ‘pap’ (sticky white maize). 
我是來自南非的Janet Ranson。我住在開普敦,這是一個位在非洲很南邊的城市,在這裡你可以看到非常多元的人種、文化、語言、宗教、服飾、手工藝……等等,當然還有食物。我們有非常多不同的料理方式,從派、蛋糕等各種烘焙餐點,到漢堡、炸魚和薯條、各種香料燉菜到「Pap」(煮得糊糊的白色的玉米粥),應有盡有。

We are in the Southern Hemisphere, so our seasons are opposite toTaiwan. We are just beginning our autumn season after a long, hot summer. The climate nearCape Townis good for growing wheat, grapes and other fruit. So we export fruit and wine all over the world.  We can buy many kinds of meat, fish, milk and dairy produce at the local supermarkets. I also have my own little garden at home where I like to grow spinach, tomatoes, marrows and pumpkins. 
我們位在南半球,所以季節和台灣是顛倒的;我們才剛從漫長酷熱的夏天,進入到秋天。在開普敦這裡的氣候很適合 種小麥、葡萄和各種水果,所以我們出口水果和酒到世界各地。我們可以在超級市場裡買到各種肉類、魚、牛奶和乳製品。我自己家裡有個小菜園,我喜歡種菠菜、蕃茄、葫蘆瓜和南瓜。

In the summer it’s really nice to go walking in the mountains and have a picnic. South Africans love to be outdoors, and our kind of party is a ‘braai’ or barbeque, with ‘wors’(sausage) and lamb chops cooked on an open fire.  This is often followed by a fruit salad – my personal favorite kind of food.

When I’m walking of course I also like to draw the plants, birds and animals I see. ( I’ve attached a sketch of a sunbird.) These bright little birds have long beaks to suck nectar from flowers.  Every different kind of bird specializes in eating certain things. The plants grow bright flowers to attract birds and insects, and these little creatures pollinate the flowers in return. In nature there is a complicated web of interdependence: each different plant or animal relies on all the others.

ps. Here are some photos of children in South Africa that Janet Ranson is working with now on a project about art with recycled materials.


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