Posted by: QQmei | March 27, 2012

Hello from Prashant to children

Namaste Children….My name is Prashant and I’m fromIndia. I live in Mumbai but I was born in a place called Latur which is one night journey by train from Mumbai. My family stays there and I stay in Mumbai with my friends. In my village I grew up among nature. My friend list included cows, birds, snails, ants….all of them were my friends. I love nature and I work to protect them and I know you all will also protect Nature.
各位小朋友好(Namaste 是印度的問候語),我的名字叫Prashant,我來自印度。我現在住在孟買,但是我出生在拉圖,從孟買到拉圖要坐一個晚上的夜車。我的家人仍住在拉圖,但是我和幾個朋友一起住在孟買。我的村子被自然環繞,我的朋友們包括了牛、鳥、蝸牛、螞蟻……等等。我喜歡大自然,我也致力於保護大自然,我相信你們大家也會一起保護大自然。

Now let me tell you aboutIndia.Indiais country with a diverse culture. There are hundreds of languages spoken inIndiaand differs from region to region. Indians love spicy food and love very sweet food too!! The food also changes with region to region. So if you live near the coastal area, you would be eating lots of fish and if you live in place where coconut is grown in abundance, most of the dishes will have coconut. So one part ofIndiawill use coconut for making curry another part ofIndiawill use it for dessert. So if the food is spicy we say its Teekha and if it is sweet we say its Meetha. So like food and language, lots of things change from one place to another. It is like a big carpet with lots of color where every thread represents a region ofIndia.

Turban is a traditional head-wear which is usually worn in ancient India. Nowadays is it seen in villages mostly worn by farmers. But it is also commonly worn in festivals like weddings, religious function etc. During weddings, turbans are worn in cities also and it a sign of respect.

I will teach the children to wear turbans and make them wear it along with me while working with me. I’m also attaching a photo of me and my friends during a wedding so that the children will have an idea.


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