Posted by: QQmei | March 27, 2012

Hello from Yenting to children

Yenting lives in Taipei, a northern city in Taiwan. There’re about 6,800,000 people in Taipei area (including Taipei city, New Taipei city and Keelung city), and it’s 30% people of Taiwan. Taipei is a basin, so most of time it’s humid and muggy. Taipei is busy and crowd.

Another, Taipei is very convenient, but too convenient that many convenient stores. Many people are too busy to cook, so just buy and eat in a convenient store instead of cooking with fresh food. I was not grown up like this, because my grandma or mother went to traditional market to buy fresh materials for cooking for family everyday. But when I started to work, sometimes when I am too busy or lazy, I also buy food from convenient stores, even I know it’s not healthy.

One day I met a guy like a fortune-teller who said to me: “Don’t eat outside too often, those are like kitchen wastes. Just cook by yourself!” I don’t why he said that, but food as energy for everyday life, and to eat fresh and delicious food could feel especially satisfied. This is really too important! Therefore, I expect meals made from fresh materials during this stay in Yunlin very much!

I graduated from Journalism Department in National Chengchi Univ., and got M.A in Art Administration and Management Department of National Taipei University of Arts. I started my sound work more than three years ago, and I would take my recorder to record sounds in our lives everywhere, and then edit sounds into a new piece. This work sounds unrelated to my studies, but thinkings I learned in my school still affect me much. Why and how? Besides, what is sound work? I’ll tell you more when we meet!


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