Posted by: QQmei | March 27, 2012

Hello from Yvoone to children

Yvonne was born in Kaohsiung, it is a city located in southwestern Taiwan, Kaohsiung is the second largest city inTaiwan, with a population around 2.9 million. It is a center for manufacturing, refining, shipbuilding, and other light and heavy industries.

Kaohsiung International Airport is the second largest airport in Taiwan. The Port of Kaohsiung is the largest harbor in Taiwan. Taiwan High Speed Rail connects the city with Taipei City. Kaohsiung was the host city of the 2009 Word Games, a multisport event primarily composed of sports not featured in the Olympic Games.

I love convenient Kaoshiung now and traditionalKaohsiungin my childhood. I lived in country side inKaohsiungcounty. People are friendly and we do not have many chance to visitKaohsiungcity center. Many families take children to city during Chinese new year because only city center has tall department store and shopping market. In summer time we go swimming very often in country. Another special experience is typhoons come toSouthern Taiwan. Students can have holiday but parents become very busy. There are waters everywhere because our house is small, not tall, that’s our common experience inKaohsiungcounty.

Although I was born inKaohsiung, I studied in other city. I studied Motion-Pictures (movies production) inTaipeiand major in animation art inTainan. I love drawing and various materials / forms Art making, I love making new friends, travel and freedom.

ps. 禹鳳姐姐有在她的部落格寫了一封信給成龍國小的小朋友喔!!大家趕快去看看~!uSkCd0WLBhjwIG5lo4Kf/article?mid=3617&prev=3626&next=3613


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