Posted by: QQmei | April 6, 2012

Yvoone’s animation for children in ChengLong

Yvoone, the 2012 artist, sent us more her introduction about FOOD. Also, she made a short animation flim for ChengLong Children. Please have a look!

我雖然出生高雄市,但是高中畢業之後就到外地念書。在台北的時期會到處外食, 特別是去夜市吃晚餐。在台南念研究所時期,愛上台灣小吃,當然也常去夜市吃東西囉!而目前我的飲食習慣偏向西式簡餐,例如:麵包+花茶 / 熱咖啡,是我最常飲食的方式。我也很愛對著食物素描或是拍照,哈~我相信有很多女生也跟我一樣喔~

Although I was born in Kaohsiung city, I studied in other city after senior high school. I went out for meals when I studied in Taipei especially having dinner in night market. When I studied in Tainan, I felt in love withTaiwanlocal food and went to night market more often. Now I like to have western food, such as bread and hot tea / hot coffee. I like to take photos or sketch when I eat. I think many girls just like me and did what I did when they drink



  1. kids must love it!!! you make art interesting! 😀

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