Posted by: janeingramallen | May 17, 2012

2012 Cheng Long Art Project is Up and Running!

The 2012 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project with the theme of “What’s for Dinner?” opened on May 4 with a press conference and opening ceremony and tours to all the 6 installations with the artists making a brief presentation about their artworks.  The opening tour was interrupted by one big rain shower, but after the skies cleared we went on with the tour.

Here are some photos of the six artworks created in Cheng Long this year during the 25-day residency/installation period:


Isabelle Garbani, France/USA, “Invasive Species” – an installation of thousands of hand crocheted leaves engulfing an abandoned house in Cheng Long.  Leaves are made from recycled plastic bags cut into yarn and crocheted by the artist, volunteers, 6th grade children at Cheng Long Elementary School and community people.


Janet Ranson, South Africa, “Circle of Life” – an installation of many creatures representing species in the water, land and air all suspended on bamboo poles on land and in the water.  All the creatures are made from natural materials collected in Cheng Long, such as bamboo, banana leaves, palm leaves, other branches, driftwood, etc.  2nd grade students at Cheng Long Elementary School worked with Janet to create some of the creatures for her installation.


Markuz Wernli and Madoka Yoshitomi, Switzerland and Japan, “Food Chain” – a large wall mural made from over 8,000 recycled clam shells and depicting the three most important seafood products in Cheng Long:  clams, shrimp and milkfish.  The 5th grade class at Cheng Long Elementary School helped Markuz and Madoka collect, clean and install the many clam shells, and the children also designed and completed their own addition to the mural under the roadway at the entrance to Cheng Long Wetlands.


Prashant Jogdand, India, “The Food Bowl” – an installation in three parts showing a large scale cup, rice bowl and spoon made from recycled and green bamboo sinking into the wetlands.  Prashant worked with the third grad class at Cheng Long Elementary School to teach them about his culture and how to work with bamboo.


Yenting Hsu, Taiwan, “Sounds Delicious” – a sound art installation inside an old-style abandoned house in Cheng Long village.  Yenting made field recordings of sounds of seafood production, sounds of the wetlands wildlife and voices of the community and village elders for her sound art installation.  One room in the old house had speakers and a continuous sound art presentation, and another room had earphones provided where visitors could listen to the sound art by Yenting.  Yenting worked with first grade students at Cheng Long Elementary School to introduce them to concepts of sound art and listening more.


Yvonne Chiu, Taiwan, “The Dinner House” – an installation inside an abandoned house in Cheng Long village consisting of visual elements, sand painting and animation clips.  Yvonne worked with 4th grade students at Cheng Long Elementary School to create animation film clips about seafood dinners and daily life and also used sand painting on light boxes in her installation.

During the opening weekend on May 5 and 6, the artists had public DIY activities at their sites, and visitors could make something with the artists and have a chance to talk with them about the artworks.  Here are some photos of the public activities and visitors enjoying the tours of the artworks in Cheng Long village and the wetlands.



Now the artists and volunteers have all gone back to their homes, and the village is quieter.  But the artworks created for the 2012 art project will remain on view through December 2013.  We hope that more people will come there to see them, and also that the villagers and school children at Cheng Long Elementary School will continue to enjoy them throughout the year.

Many thanks to all the artists, volunteers, children and community people and our sponsors that made this art project possible again for the 3rd year!

We have already gotten lots of press coverage about the 2012 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project, and we will keep you updated about others that will be coming out soon.

Here is a link to some coverage on the website at

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