Posted by: janeingramallen | December 5, 2012

More News about 2013 Cheng Long Art Project

bird on Janet's installationHello Everyone,
哈囉, 大家好!

This little bird is just one of the many visitors at Cheng Long Wetlands in Taiwan.  Soon there will be many more visitors, this time human ones, coming to Cheng Long for the 2013 international environmental art project.

I am sure you are getting curious to know which artists and artworks will be selected for the 2013 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project. All of the 17 artists invited to send in full proposals have sent in their descriptions, sketches, lists of materials and ways to involve people in their installations as well as images of previous works and information about their experience and art career. We have artists from Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Taiwan that we are considering for 2013. We have proposals to build such things as trails, shelters, gardens, banners, birds, fish, and of course many varieties of tables – given that the theme for 2013 is “On the Table: Aquaculture and the Environment.”
我相信大家一定很好奇2013年獲選的藝術家和作品將會是誰? 現在我們已收到17位受邀藝術家的完整提案,這包括對在成龍溼地創作的提案說明.草圖.材料清單.帶動居民參與的方案,以及從前的作品及藝術創作的經歷. 受邀的藝術家來自非洲.歐洲.南美洲.北美洲.亞洲及台灣等地. 提案內容從建構步道.小屋.花園.旗幟.鳥.魚,當然還有各式各樣的桌子等,這些都是為了呼應2013年的主題: “餐桌上–養殖與環境”.

Now I am reviewing all of these proposals carefully, and there are many things to consider when making the final selection of the 5 or 6 artists to invite for 2013. Some of these considerations include: Which ideas are the best quality contemporary art and can give an interesting and varied exhibition for the local community and the visitors? Which artists have the experience, knowledge and commitment to really make the big artworks they have proposed? Which artists have the most creative and interesting approaches to the theme and can raise awareness with their works about aquaculture and the environment? Which artists have the most flexible and adaptive personalities that make them easy to work with and get along well with other artists, community people and the children? Which artists can make good use of the locally available materials? Which artworks will really make a big impression in the vast expanse of the wetlands? Which artists can involve the children and the community people in their artworks? All of these and more must be considered to choose the best artists for 2013 in Cheng Long.
我現在正在仔細地閱讀這些提案,要為2013年決選出5-6位藝術家,有許多事情需要考慮,例如: 哪一個想法是最具質量的當代藝術作品並且可以提供社區及訪客一個有趣且多樣化的展覽?哪一位藝術家是確實有經驗及知識,有能力如期完成其所提案的大型創作? 哪一位藝術家最具創意能夠巧妙地讓作品連結到本次的主旨,讓大家能從其創作中意識到養殖及環境的議題? 哪一位藝術家最隨和,能夠很容易地和其他藝術家.社區居民及小孩打成一片? 哪一位藝術家最能善用當地的材料? 哪一件藝術作品最能讓人在一望無際的溼地裡留下深刻的印象? 哪一件藝術作品可以讓孩子及社區參與其中?…..許多許多,都是在為2013年挑選出最棒的藝術家時,必需被考量到的.

This year to make the final selection of the 2013 artists, I am planning to use Skype to talk in person using my computer with the artists we are considering. Skype is an Internet phone system that is free and allows people anywhere to talk to each other through their computers. We can even see each other if both of us have a camera attached to the computer! I will also be emailing to other artists and curators who know the artists we are considering to get more details about their artworks and how they work and their ability to get along well in a different culture and work with volunteers, community people and children.

Keep watching here for the announcement of the 2013 selected artists. We plan to make the final selection soon after January 1, 2013. Then we will be communicating many times with the selected artists before they arrive in Cheng Long on April 11!

Be sure to take a look at the new Facebook page for the 2013 Cheng Long art project. The link is on the right side of this page.

We are all getting very excited about the 2013 art project and looking forward to a great experience again in Cheng Long.

Thank you and best wishes,
謝謝 並 祝福大家 🙂

Jane Ingram Allen, Curator
艾婕音 / 策展人


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