Posted by: janeingramallen | January 12, 2013

About the 2013 Proposals and the Selection Process

Hello everyone,

Now that the 2013 artists for the Cheng Long art project are announced, I know the artists who were considered and then not selected may feel very disappointed.  The selection process is always difficult, and this year was particularly difficult because we got so many good proposals.  But, of course everyone could not be selected because of the budget, space and staff and other factors.

As most of you know I am an artist myself as well as a curator, art professor and arts writer, so I am very familiar with the curatorial process.  As well as curating exhibitions and selecting artists for many different projects, I have also made many proposals as an artist for commissions, residencies, grants and exhibitions over the years–some successful and some not.  So I am very familiar with the frustrations and disappointments and the feeling that maybe you just should stop sending in applications.

I want to encourage all of the artists who were considered this year to keep on doing what you do and stay in touch to learn about the 2014 art project in Cheng Long.  We really do like your ideas and your artwork, and your experience and background seem to fit what we are doing in Cheng Long.  The reason we did not select you this year maybe is a simple thing like too many artists from the same country or too many artists with similar ideas, or maybe your idea just did not fit this year’s theme so well.  It could also be that other artists had more experience doing community art projects and working with children to create their sculpture installations.  It could also be that your previous work does not show enough hands-on work with natural and sustainable materials or a history of concern about environmental issues.  It could also be that your idea was not so suitable for the Cheng Long area because of the amount of labor or materials that are involved or not having a suitable site for the proposal.  There are always many reasons, and sometimes it is just a matter of selecting those proposals that fit together best to make a cohesive, impressive and varied exhibition.

The artists and artworks selected for 2013 are a varied group of men and women artists from different countries, and their proposals reflect many unique concepts and the use of different materials and processes.  In addition they all seem like flexible, adaptable, adventurous and easy to get along with artists who can work well in a small community like Cheng Long.

In the next posts I will tell more about each selected artist and the proposal they made for the 2013 art project.  Again the 2013 artists are as follows:

Giorgio Tessadri, from Italy living in Belgium, Artwork Title: “Element”
Johan Sietzema, from the Netherlands, Artwork Title:  “Food-Prints”
Kuo-Chun Chiu, from Taiwan, Artwork Title: “Fish for Every Year”
Michael Rofka, from Germany, Artwork Title: “Milkfish”
Michele Brody, from the United States of America, Artwork Title: “Water Table”
Yachu Kang, from Taiwan, Artwork Title: “Reserve a Table and Seat”

Giorgio Tessadri(義大利/比利時)作品名稱:元素
Johan Sietzema(荷蘭)作品名稱:食物足跡
Michael Rofka(德國)作品名稱:虱目魚
Michele Brody(美國)作品名稱:水餐桌

I am happy to email with any artist who was considered this year and not selected, and we can discuss individual cases. I think it is always a learning process for the artist when you make a proposal, and hopefully all of these good ideas will be realized somewhere in the world, if not in Cheng Long in 2013. Thank you again to all the artists who submitted proposals and went through the process.  We really appreciate that so many good artists are interested in this project and want to come to Cheng Long village in Taiwan and share their artwork.

Keep looking at this Blog to see the progress with the 2013 project and what the finished artworks look like.  Also, later this year we should know about the 2014 art project in Cheng Long and will announce that information also on the Blog.

Best wishes,

Jane Ingram Allen, Curator
艾婕音 / 策展人


  1. Thank you. I am eager to know more about the artist have been chosen including their pproposals

    Rgds Adriani S Soemantri

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Hi Adriani,
      Thanks for your comment. I will make posts about each of the selected artists to introduce them and tell about their proposed artworks. A post about the first artist should be ready in a few days, and then the others will follow. Keep looking at this Blog to learn more.

      Jane Ingram Allen

  2. It’s so good to know about what happens in this precious place. I deeply desire that harmony is in tune with the artistic projects.
    A beautiful 2013 and that all children can be happy!!!

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