Posted by: QQmei | March 5, 2013

Hello from Michele Brody to children

Hello from Michele Brody

Hello everyone from New York City!
哈囉,大家好! 這是來自紐約的問候!

I live in New York City, the largest city in the United States.  When I come to Cheng Long I am looking forward to working with the community to create a tea house out of bamboo on top of a mound of recycled oyster shells. It is in this tea house that the community will be invited to sit and think about the environment while we share a tea.

They say that back in the old days when my country was very young, New York CityHarbor used to contain half of the world’s oysters.  But the oysters were too popular to eat, and early New Yorkers did not take care of the river or the oyster beds and very quickly the oysters died out.  And it is because of this loss of the great oyster beds around the city that people living close to the water were flooded during a recent hurricane called Sandy. I wish to create a great mound of recycled oyster shells in Cheng Long and in New York City to remind people that we need to take care of our environment for the future, otherwise bad things will happen.

To be honest I do not like eating oysters, but I love clams.  Especially large steamers that you can find in the north eastern part of the U.S..  I look forward to sharing a meal and a tea with all of you at my Water Table installation in Cheng Long very soon.





  1. Michele: you are going to love Cheng Long!

  2. Clam Shell Castle is waiting for you. We are children from Cheng Long.
    Isabelle is right, you are going to love Cheng Long!

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