Posted by: QQmei | March 11, 2013

Hello from Taiwanese Artist – Chun (邱國峻)



我的名字是邱國峻, 是今年的駐村藝術家之一。很高興能參與這個計畫並且與你們一起工作。


透過作品,“年年有魚”,就是希望提醒大家更珍惜所擁有的食物。 我相信藉由這個創作計劃,我們都會留下一個很好的經驗與回憶的。



Dear all kids:

My name is Kuo-Chun Chiu, who is one of the selected artists in2013; I’m so happy to join this project and work with you guys.

I am a teacher in the university in Tainan. However, my hometown is in Taipei. Compared with Taipei, The environment of Tainan is more natural, the food is also more delicious; especially the seafood is as fresh as YunlinCounty.

The only problem is most people in Tainan are too generous to waste the food when they feast.

Through my work,”年年有魚”, I wish remind everyone to treasure the food we have. I believe we will have very good time for this project.

Best wish,



  1. 你好! 我們是”作伙來講ABC’s”的成員,Welcome to ChengLong elementary school, it’s nice to meet you!

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