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Letter for the children from Michael 給小朋友的一封信,來自Michael

Hello from Michael Rofka

Dear children

My name is Michael. I´m an artist from Germany and I´m very excited to get to know you, your country, and the life in Taiwan. In Germany I live in Constance, a small town in southern Germany beside the Lake of Constance. My wife, she is called Anna, is also an artist. She is from Ukraine and knows painting very well.

The Lake of Constance, “Bodensee” in German, is one of the three biggest lakes in Middle Europe. It connects the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. My home is very close to the border of Switzerland.
康士坦茲湖,德文名字為 “Bodensee”,是中歐三大湖之一。它連結了德國、奧地利和瑞士。我家非常靠近瑞士的邊境。

Now here it is snowing.   In Taiwan is there also snow sometimes? Also here I often work together with schools and groups of children, and I like this work very much. I have, together with biologists, founded the “Naturschule Konstanz” (school of nature). We are engaged in studying about nature and environmental education combining science and art.
現在這裡在下雪。不知道台灣是不是也有下雪的時候呢? 我在這裡也常常跟學校或是小孩團體一起工作,而且我非常愛我的工作。我和生物學家們共同成立了” 康士坦茲自然學校” 。我們致力於結合科學和藝術的自然與環境教育。

Here there are a lot of fishermen, and the people love to eat fish. But since a couple of years there are less and less fishes in the lake. The fishermen say it´s because of a new bird that also loves to eat fish and catches a lot. Scientists say that´s not true, but they don´t know the real reason.

Already in the 1970s there were big ecological problems around the Lake of Constance. The quality of water got worse because of a lot of toxic waste. Now the water is again very good, and in the summer a lot of tourists come to enjoy water sports. But something is happening with the fishes, and nobody knows why…

Now I´m reading books about the culture, the nature and the history of Taiwan, being sure you can tell me more!  I don´t know Chinese, but I am hoping I will learn a little bit with your help.
我現在正在閱讀關於台灣文化、自然和歷史的書,我相信你們會告訴我更多關於台灣的一切! 我不懂中文,但是我希望因為你們的幫助,我可以學會一點中文。

See you soon,




  1. Hi!Michael:I’m ChengLong graduated from elementary school students.
    Welcome to ChengLong elementary school, it’s nice to meet you.

    • very good, Jack.

    • Hi Jack! Thank you very much! In these days I´m with some chidren in a youth hostel near the river Donau. Th hostel is a very old castle. It´s a very nice region, but a place with less internet connection…Here is snow now and it´s cold. Soon there will be Eastern and there is no school.
      we will see us soon!

      Michael rom Germany

  2. Hi! Michael:Welcome to ChengLong elementary , Can you find me?
    Can you find me, when you can not find my Will the QQmei, She will tell you who I am,Arts Festival when I will be in that group as small volunteers, only you only hope that we can cooperate happily, your work milkfish my family that is living! I am looking forward to your arrival.
    My brother :Jason and my mother:Alice are very welcome your arrival.

    Jack Lin rom Taiwan March 31, 2013

    • Hello Jack,
      I saw your comment on the Blog! Thank you for writing to welcome Michael. I will send email to Michael to tell him to look at the Blog to answer you. He is still in Germany now, and will fly to Taiwan in a few days! We are all very excited to come to Cheng Long village. See you on Thursday April 11!.
      Best wishes from Jane in Taichung now!

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