Posted by: QQmei | March 20, 2013

Hello from Ya-Chu to children

Yachu collecting at dump in Eureka CA.

Yachu collecting at dump in Eureka CA.


Hello, I am Ya-chu, from Taipei. I am so excited to come to Cheng Long village and make art together using the sun print technique with all kinds of living materials to make pictures on the fabric. As well as creating artwork, I am eager to learn more about your wetland environment and the local fishery industry. I can’t wait to get there and experience everything! I believe you know more about Taiwanese food and culture than me, but I have had many travel experiences while giving exhibitions in other countries. Here I show you a photo taken in Salzburg last year while I had a show in Austria. Can you tell me if there is any difference between Taiwanese roast fish and Austria’s roast fish?


Salzburg OctoberFest

Salzburg OctoberFest



  1. This is a nice art project. Nice pictures as well.

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