Posted by: QQmei | March 25, 2013

Hello from Johan to children

johan sietzema

Hello to all the children in Cheng Long,

My name is Johan Sietzema, and I am living in Holland, in the city of Gouda (named after the Gouda cheese!).  Gouda is a little old town in the middle of the Green Heart of Holland. The Peat Wetlands in Holland are about 4 to 6 meters below sea level. The only way for us to stay dry is to pump out the water into higher canals and lakes around us. The water level is sometimes reaching as high as the roof or the first floor of our houses.
我是Johan Sietzema,我住在荷蘭的豪達鎮 (這個城市的名字是以「豪達起司」來命名的,「豪達起司」是荷蘭的扁圓形黃色乳酪!) 豪達鎮是個有點古老的城鎮,位於荷蘭的綠色心臟中部 (The Green Heart of Holland 「綠色心臟」是一個被阿姆斯特丹、鹿特丹、海牙等大城市圍繞的鄉村地區)。荷蘭的泥炭濕地大約低於海平面4到6公尺,為了維持乾燥,我們所能做的就是把水抽到我們周圍更高的運河和湖泊。海平面有的時候甚至高達我們的屋頂或是房子的一樓。

I am an ecological or land artist using regional materials, working according to the history and circumstances of the location. Most of the time, my studio is outside in the landscape at the same place the installation or sculpture piece will be part of.  I love to work with all kinds of natural materials such as wood, willow-shoots, clay, sand, growing and living plants, vegetable fibers, and water. I am using the techniques of basket making and earth building to make constructions with branches, weaving them together to create strong pieces.  These are also the materials and techniques I want to use to work with the children and community of Cheng Long.  I want to not only create a material object, but a growing, living piece that belongs to the place; it becomes part of this special area of Cheng Long Wetlands.  This project will not only be the way of the artist, his mind and ideas and a presentation to visitors, but the exchange with the local inhabitants and the landscape, the roots that connect us as living creatures.


These are some photos from an weaving project with school children in Lopik Holland last year.

These are some photos from an weaving project with school children in Lopik Holland last year.

I am also a teacher of 2 and 3 Dimensional Design at the PolytechnicalCollege “Vakschool Schoonhoven” in Schoonhoven, Holland. The school trains students to be jewelers or work with stained glass and make glass objects with glass blowing. For me it will be an honor to meet the children and community of Cheng Long and to work with them to create the “Food-Prints” project in the Cheng Long Wetlands.

Thank you and see you soon,



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