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2013 Artists Arriving on April 11!

The 6 international artists are arriving in Cheng Long village on Thursday, April 11!  Some will arrive at Chiayi HSR Station about 2:30 PM and some about 4PM, and they will be picked up in cars and brought to Cheng Long.  One of the artists, Michele Brody from USA, is already in Taipei, and she is enjoying having this time to see a little of Taipei before she comes to Cheng Long on April 11.

Here’s a photo of Michele having her first Taiwan tea with me, my husband Tim, and some other artists and friends in Taipei.


We expect all the artists will arrive in Cheng Long on Thursday afternoon before 6:30 to have dinner together with the volunteers from all over Taiwan!

It will be early to bed after the dinner together on Thursday night where all the artists will meet each other, meet their volunteers and also the staff and me the curator!

On Friday morning the artists will all go to the elementary school to meet the students and say hello to the class that they will be working with during the project.  The children are already learning some English and will also have some program to present to welcome the artists.  After lunch at school, we will all go out to look at the local recycling center to see if they have any materials the artists want to use and also take a look at the seashore for recycled bamboo and driftwood that they artists may want to use to make their artworks.  Here’s a photo of the artists at the recycling center last year collecting materials!

2012 artists @ recycling center

On Saturday we will tour the wetlands and finalize the site for each artwork and also make the final order for new bamboo so that all the artists can get to work as soon as possible on their proposed artworks.  Saturday night is also the Welcome Party in Cheng Long on the temple square where everyone has dinner together.  Here’s a photo of Cheng Long temple, one of the most interesting sites in the village!

village temple @ ChengLong

After the Welcome Party dinner, all the artists will make a short presentation and maybe the children will also have some welcome performance for the artists. People in the community and sponsors are making special dishes to share for this dinner, and the artists will taste some of the local food specialties for the first time!

On Sunday, the artists and volunteers will all go out to the Yunlin mountain area to visit a bamboo master to learn some different techniques.  We will also see some local sites and come back to Cheng Long later that evening.

So you can see we have a full schedule for the first few days.  We are very excited to welcome the artists to Cheng Long for the 2013 art project, out fourth year! We are also hoping for good weather this year and no more rain!


  1. Hello Jane and Tim,
    What an exciting time for you, welcoming people from all over the world to join together in your mutual love of art in the environment.
    I’ve been enjoying Tim’s pictures of people and life in the village.
    I’m sending you some California sunshine to brighten your days.
    Best wishes to all of you,

    • Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for looking at the Blog and sending your comment! It is an exciting time and we look forward to welcoming everyone to Cheng Long village on April 11. It is raining here now in Taiwan and we do hope it will stop before the project starts, so thank you for sending us some California sunshine. See you after May 8 when we are back in California.
      Best wishes,

  2. Hi Jane & Tim,

    Looks like things are “heating up” for your project. Enjoying all the photos and your narrative. Here’s wishing you much fun and productive times in connection with your project. See you when you get home next month.


    • Hi Tom, It’s the Welcome Party in the temple square tonight with the whole village joining in for something like what we call a “pot luck” dinner in the USA. It should be great fun and all the artists will get introduced to the community and talk a bit about the artworks they will make here in Cheng Long Wetlands. Thanks for watching our Blog about the project. Best, Jane and Tim

  3. Hello Jane and friends, family, associates:
    What a truly WONDERFUL international event you have created and maintained.
    So much enjoyment and admiration in reading about the developments!
    Sending you all very best wishes for good weather, much pleasure and success to everyone in the project…including the marsh inhabitants themselves!
    Our project with the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center in the Bay Area wetlands is moving along nicely and we hope you will visit us when you return!
    Lauren Elder

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