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A Great Second Week at the Cheng Long art project!

The artworks are all progressing well and the artists are working very hard to complete their installations.  This is a daily entry about the second week of our project in Cheng Long Wetlands.

Thursday, April 18

Each artist works with one of the classes at Cheng Long Elementary School on Thursday afternoons.  This is a photo of some of the children in Michele Brody’s 3rd grade class helping her move oyster shells to make a sort of reef around her tea house in the Wetlands. Image The other artists also led their class of children in doing some work on their art installations on this day.

Friday, April 19

On Friday night after a hard week of working on the art installations, the artists and village people celebrated at Taiwan Night!  This is the first year we have had an activity for each country represented by the artists in the project.  I asked the artists to bring some food, music, games or stories from their country to share with the other artists and volunteers.  Taiwan night was really special because the whole Cheng Long community came out to help celebrate with karaoke music, local food specialties and a big party in the temple courtyard.  The two Taiwanese artists in the art project this year, Ya-chu Kang and Kuo-chun Chiu, brought some Taiwanese treats to share, even some betel nuts and Taiwan beer.   This photos shows a group enjoying the party for Taiwan night.


Saturday, April 20

On Saturday morning we went just after breakfast to tour the organic fish farm that the Kuan Shu Foundation is starting in Cheng Long Wetlands as a model to help educate the local people in ways to do fish farming without continuing to pump out the underground water that causes the continued sinking of the land.  Here is a photo showing the baby clams being added to the Cheng Long Wetlands model fish farm. Image

Sunday, April 21

On the weekend many local children come out to help the artists in the Wetlands as they are constructing their works.  Here is a photo of some of the local kids helping Giorgio make the 2nd “element” for his artwork. Image This is the part of his work on land; another element is at the bird blind connected to the building, and another part is in the water and makes a bridge-like connection with the land.

Monday, April 22

After another day of work in the Wetlands, the artists and volunteers met after dinner at the “red house” for USA night.  Michele made some special food (potato pancakes and apple sauce) to share with everyone, and we had American music from the Internet!  Michele did a great dance routine imitating Michael Jackson to the tune of “Beat It.” Image

Tuesday, April 23

On Tuesday Giorgio started his “element” in the water, and lots of local people helped with the machine that makes holes in the water to put in the bamboo poles to start this part of Giorgio’s installation. Image

Tuesday night was Holland night, and Johan made some food from Holland with cheese and potatoes and also shared a fun game with the other artists and volunteers.  This is a game where the person ties a piece of wood, or in this case it was bamboo to a string, and then attaches the string behind so that the piece of bamboo is hanging down behind like a tail.  Then the person stands over a bottle and tries to make the piece of bamboo go into the bottle.  It was quite funny watching everyone try to do this trick!  This photo shows Johan demonstrating this game! Image

Wednesday, April 24

On Wednesday Taiwanese artist Ya-chu Kang decided to do the print on her tablecloth for her artwork with the 1st grade children that she is working with.

She is using the Cyanotype technique to make an image with the sun, and Wednesday’s weather was sunny!  This photo shows the fabric after it is washed and ready to hang up to dry.  The children had to lay on the fabric in the hot sun for about 15 minutes to get the print of their image and some kitchen tools on the fabric. Image

On Wednesday afternoon we had a Symposium about the environmental art project  at the Yunlin County Mango Art Café.  The curator and artists all made presentations about their experience in Cheng Long, and there were questions and comments from the audience.  This photo shows some of the audience including the County Magistrate enjoying the tea and conversation at the event. Image

Thursday, April 25

On this Thursday afternoon the school children were again working with their artist in the Wetlands helping the artists with their artworks.  This photo shows Gieorgio working with his group of children to make a question on one of his bamboo poles to be used in the installation.  The question in English and Chinese is made on the bamboo with a stencil and non-toxic paint. Image

Friday, April 26

On Friday some of Taiwanese artist Kuo-chun Chiu’s former students from Tainan Technical University came to help with his artwork.  This photo shows the students and Chun and some other volunteers who are visiting Cheng Long helping to make the big bamboo table that he will float in the Wetlands for his installation.  Image

All of the artworks are starting to take shape now, and it is exciting to see the progress.  The artists are beginning to feel more pressure to get everything done for the press conference and official opening ceremony next Friday, May 3!

There will be a public opening weekend on May 4 and 5 with DIY activities with the artists at their installations in the Cheng Long Wetlands.

Check the Blog again after May 5 to see all of the works completed and the opening weekend DIY activities.


  1. Looks like everyone is doing a great job, I really find the tablecloth very interesting, it is quite beautiful. It’s so nice to see the kids out there too!
    Have fun.

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