Posted by: janeingramallen | May 4, 2013

2013 Artworks All Finished!

The 2013 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project opened May 3, 2013, with a press conference and opening ceremony at 10 AM.  The weather was a little rainy, but all the journalists enjoyed the tour around the Wetlands to look at the artworks and hear the artists explain about their works.  There is coverage of the Cheng Long art project in all the major Taiwan newspapers today and lots of nice photos of the artworks.

Here are photos of the finished artworks by the 6 international artists.  My husband Timothy S. Allen has been having fun taking lots of photos of the artists and children in Cheng Long, and these photos are some Tim took early Saturday morning when the sun came out again.Image

Giorgio Tessadri – Italy, “Element” (This is one of three parts of Giorgio’s artwork – Notice the bird sitting there and enjoying a new fishing spot!)

Johan Sietzema – Holland, “Food-Prints” (Johan’s question to put “on the table” for the reporters on Friday was “Why are these fish flying in the air?”Image

Michele Brody – USA, “Water Table Teahouse” (People can drink some tea at Michele’s teahouse during the opening weekend activities -Saturday 2-5 PM and Sunday 10-12 and 2-5 PM.)Image

Michael Rofka – Germany, “The Milkfish” (Visitors can go inside the big fish sculpture and look out at the Wetlands through the eye of the fish.


Ya-chu Kang – Taiwan, “Reservations” (The big tablecloth is on the woven bamboo table, and the recycled chairs are in disarray arranged high in the air above the Wetlands.)Image

Kui-chun Chiu – Taiwan, “A Fish for Every Year” (The bamboo table with the big bamboo fish is floating on the water of the Wetlands.) Image

Keep checking this Blog for more updates about the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.  We expect lots of visitors in Cheng Long Wetlands on Sunday, May 5, for the opening weekend activities, 10-12 and 2-5PM.  Stop in and do some activity with the artists while chatting about the artworks. Or, just enjoy the photos of this art project happening in Taiwan!

The artworks will remain on view in Cheng Long Wetlands, Yunlin County, Taiwan, for one year or until they decompose over time into the Wetlands.  All the works are made with natural materials and are biodegradable!



  1. Dear Jane,

    I am Dominic, the student journalist from Taipei. How’s everything going after I left Cheng Long? I really had a good time to get along with you guys during the two days. Thanks for your help, I have already finished 90% of my news report about the 2013 Cheng Long Art Project after I come back to Taipei. And now I need some photos to make my news report more completed. Therefore, could I directly cite the photos of the finished art works here? The pictures must make my news report more diverse. As long as my news report is done, I will immediately share the link of it with you. Thank you very much.

    Dominic Lee

    • Hi Dominic,
      It was great to have you come to Cheng Long and cover our art project for your newspaper/magazine. I will send you some photos of the finished artworks by email. Please let us know when your article comes out, and thanks for sending the link!
      Thanks again and best wishes,

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