Posted by: QQmei | November 22, 2013

Fish Farming in ChengLong

Fish farming  in ChengLong is run like a small eco-system. Clams are the main products in Cheng Long village. Shrimp, Milk fish as well as Snubnose pompano and Spotted scat are grown as workers in the same pond. These workers help fish farmers clean up algae and tiny things in the water. The workers also provide extra income for fish farmers.

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Of course, there are also many other kinds of fish and crabs in our fish farms,  wetlands and along the seashore. Here are some of their photos:

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As for the tools, especially fishing nets we use for fish farming, they look like these:

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Now it is the harvest season for a fishing village. Many fish farmers have started to collect clams, shrimp, milk fish, mullet roe and eel from their fish pond.   Actually, we just caught  milk fish in our pond this morning!!

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The theme for 2014 is “Fishing for a Better Environment” and we hope this helps artists develop their proposals to send in by the January 18, 2014 deadline.  You can send a comment here or ask Jane a question by email if you need more information. 


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