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Developing your proposal for the 2014 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

Here are some things for artists to consider as they start to develop their proposals for the 2014 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.

1.Make your proposal fit the theme “Fishing for a Better Environment.”This phrase can mean at least two different things in English.  “Fishing” for something means looking or asking for something.  In this meaning the artwork could be hinting at or asking for ways to make the environment better.  If we take the phrase “Fishing for a Better Environment” literally it means doing fishing or fish farming in a way that is better for the environment.
請切合主題「Fishing for a Better Environment」,中文標題雖譯為「希望魚寮」,但仍希望大家能夠去思考英文標題至少隱含的雙重意義。「Fishing」for something 意指期待或尋求某物,在這樣的解釋之下,藝術創作可以隱喻或尋求讓環境變得更好的方法。而如果照字面解釋「Fishing for a Better Environment」一詞,意思是用對環境比較好的方式從事漁撈或養殖。

2.Make your proposed artwork have something to do with fish farming and seafood production, the main way of earning a living in Cheng Long.  The artwork should encourage better environmental practices.  Fish farming done in an intensive way can be very polluting to the soil and the water, and it might require pumping lots of underground fresh water to fill the fish farming ponds.  Over pumping of the underground water is one of the things that causes the ground in the Cheng Long area to keep sinking.
試圖讓提案的作品與養殖或成龍村民賴以為生的水產品產生關連,希望作品能鼓舞更多讓環境變得更好的行動。集約式的養殖方式對水和土地都是負擔,也可能使用過多的地下水。 超抽地下水是導致成龍地區持續地層下陷的原因之一。

A child's painting form ChengLong Elementary School (李耶利)

Fish farming in ChengLong is like a small eco-system!!!

3. Make your proposal appealing to the fish farmers in Cheng Long and the children and local community people as well as the art world.  This year we want the art installations to be on, in and around the fishing huts alongside the Cheng Long Wetlands.  The artwork can improve the structure as well as the aesthetic appeal of a fishing hut. The fishing huts that the local fishermen use are places to store fishing supplies and also places to wait and pass the time with friends before the next job on the fish farm begins. The fishing huts in Cheng Long are mostly old brick and wooden structures, and some are in bad repair, but art can make them extraordinary!  The local fishing huts are owned by individual fish farmers in the village, and the art installations we put there will have to appeal to the fishermen as well as to the artists and art lovers.

4. Make sure your proposed artwork can last well through typhoons, hot sun and heavy rains.  We want the artworks to last at least one year and hopefully longer.  The artwork should be safe and secure and lasting as well as meaningful and aesthetically appealing.

5. Make sure the artwork does not interfere with the fish farmer’s daily work of fish farming. The sculpture installations can be on top of a fishing hut, inside it or coming out of it, and also around it.  But, remember the fish farmer still has to be able to use his fishing hut comfortably, and the artwork cannot interfere with the necessary work of the fish farmer.  Communication and keeping flexible are necessary in this art project!

6. Make sure the proposed artwork uses natural materials and recycled materials that will not harm the environment and that hopefully will improve the environment in Cheng Long.  What the artist makes in Cheng Long should not pollute the water, soil or air by the materials or the techniques used, and it should not harm the wildlife.  There are also many birds, fish, plants and other life in Cheng Long Wetlands, so the artist needs to consider all of these in making a proposed artwork.


check the link:
and scroll down, you can see many pictures about materials.

Think about what you can do for a fishing hut. In Cheng Long.  Here again are some photos of Cheng Long fishing huts, and the next post will have the dimensions of some of the fishing huts so keep your eye here! You can pick one of these fishing huts to use for your installation proposal, or you can make a proposal that might work on, in or around almost any fishing hut.  Once the artists are selected and come to Cheng Long, we will make the final decisions all together about which sculpture installation will be where.  We hope that we can have an environmental art trail along the Cheng Long Wetlands where viewers can walk from fishing hut to fishing hut experiencing the 2014 artworks.

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Remember the deadline for proposals is January 18, 2014.  You can post any questions here on the Blog or email the Curator at Looking forward to seeing your proposal!




  1. Thank you for information.will helpful for preparing drawing of project. kanti.

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    • Great!!!
      Looking forward to your proposal 🙂
      If you still need any information, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

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