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More about Cheng Long Fishing Huts for Artists Considering a 2014 Proposal

Fishing huts are very important but simple buildings for aquaculture in Taiwan. One of the important functions of fishing huts is to store feed and fish farming tools, therefore a firm structure for the fishing hut is what a fisherman cares about . Most fishing huts  in ChengLong area are made of bricks, and some of them are coated with cement on the wall.There are three main materials using for the roof of huts: roofing tile, sheet metal, and some old asbestos tile.
對台灣的養殖業者來說,魚寮是個重要但卻簡單的建物。它重要的功能之一,便是儲存飼料與工具,因此,魚寮是否堅固是漁人們最關心的事 。在成龍村,大部分的魚寮是磚造的,有些會另外在牆面砌上水泥。屋頂的部分,則

The fishing huts we are going to use for the 2014 ChengLong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project are located along a north-south road. We tried to measure all details of 3 fishing huts for you to give artists a better idea about dimensions when proposing an artwork for 2014:

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The dimensions of fishing huts in ChengLong are all about 320 cm(L) × 380 cm(W) × 200~300 cm(H).
成龍地區的魚寮尺寸大約為:320 cm(長) × 380 cm(寬) × 200~300 cm(高)

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For convenience, fishing huts are usually built close to the road and just next to the fish ponds. Generally, the door (or front side) of a fishing hut is designed to face south. It will keep the hut cool in the summer and warm in the winter in this direction.

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Some fishing huts have a window on each wall; some fishing huts only have one or two windows. The windows are generally closed.

We hope this information can help your proposal. Let us know if you have any questions. Just post a comment here or email to



  1. I would like to know whether similar type of waste material like shells,reed,water bottles,cans etc would be available for 2014 project also?

    • yes, you can use all them in your artwork, but be sure to think more how to make them last longer and will not become trouble after typhoon or heavy rain.
      Looking forward to seeing your proposal 🙂

    • Yes, All of these materials are available in Chenglong area and can be found either in nature or at the recycling center near Cheng Long village. It is fine to use any of these materials for your installation. Looking forward to seeing your proposal.

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