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More Questions from Artists about Making a Proposal for Cheng Long 2014

I have been receiving many questions from artists around the world who are considering their proposals for the 2014 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.
One common question is how will the artists work with the children in the Cheng Long Elementary School and how will they communicate with the children and the villagers??
其中一個很常見的問題是:藝術家和成龍國小的小朋友是以什麼樣的方式合作? 藝術家要如何和小朋友及村民溝通?

Each selected artist is matched with a class of children in the local school which has about 65 students in grades 1 through 6.  The children can speak a little English, and they are used to working with foregn artists now that we have done this art project in the village for 4 years before.  Each artist will also have an adult volunteer from Taiwan who can speak good English and of course Chinese, and the volunteer helps to translate for the children and villagers.  This volunteer becomes like the artist’s partner and helps with the artwork as well as the translation and educational activities.  Each artist works with his classroom on Thursday afternoons for about 3 hours during the 25 days of the art project. The children and villagers can also come to help the artist after school and on weekends.  It is a very popular activity in the village!
每位獲選的藝術家將被分配到與成龍國小的一個班級合作, 這所成龍村當地的小學, 一至六年級全部只有65位學生. 小朋友通常都會說一點英文, 而且他們在過去已經和外國藝術家一起合作了四年的藝術計畫了! 此外, 每位藝術家至少也會有一位台灣的志工在旁協助, 志工都具有一定程度的英語能力,當然也會中文,  他們會幫忙藝術家與小朋友及村民間的溝通.  志工就像是藝術家的工作伙伴, 不僅協助工作, 也協助翻譯及教學活動.  在25天的駐村創作期間, 每位藝術家會固定在周四的下午與他的合作班級一起工作. 小朋友和村民只要有空也會在下課後及周末幫忙藝術家.  這是在村子裡很受歡迎的活動!!
This photo shows American artist Roy Staab working with his class of children to put many bamboo poles into the sandy ground of the wetlands for his art installation “Invasive Species” in 2010.
這張照片是2010年美國藝術家Roy和他班上的小朋友一起將竹片插入沙地, 共同創作”入侵種生物”的景象.
You can see more photos of artists working with the children in the archives from previous years of the project.
你可以搜尋過去的檔案, 在之前的計畫裡看到更多藝術家和小朋友合作的照片.
The deadline for the 2014 proposals is January 18, so hope to see your proposal soon.
<2014成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫>的徵件至1/18止, 期待能儘快看到您的提案.
Thank you and best wishes,
Jane Ingram Allen, Curator
艾婕音 / 策展人

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