Posted by: QQmei | March 14, 2014

看~誰可以”來去海口住一個月”? 2014 Selected Volunteers


Today is a busy day. Jane and Tim came to Chenglong in the afternoon. We went to see the fishing huts and talked to the school principal. Then we have meeting about children’s program, fish farming and VOLUNTEERS!!! Finally, we make our decision and below is the list of 2014 selected volunteers!!

早上依然忙著和許多報名的志工接洽 (就想再聽聽大家的聲音嘛!!), 下午策展人Jane和先生Tim來到成龍村, 大家一起會勘了藝術家可能會用到的魚寮, 然後到學校和校長老師們聊了一下各班藝術家的分配及課程, 不小心就傍晚了. 接著大偵探們終於有時間可以團聚, 好好地把所有”進入決選的”志工資料再看過一次, 期間為了保持即將爆炸的頭腦客觀冷靜, 還穿插了辦公室整頓、住宿空間清點、魚塭工作報告、晚餐、藝術家參訪行程搜查、給小朋友的各國介紹……. (看得出來, 大偵探一直在迴避要作取捨的這件功課吧!!!)

終於,夜深了,  以下是2014獲選的志工名單 :

另外, 我們也在此歡迎北京”自然之友”的伙伴張冬青, 前來參與及交流!
以及, 最棒的是, 今年我們得到更多雲林在地年輕朋友的支持, 出人出力又出車 : 歡迎黃怡錚、葉曜彰加入一定會犧牲奉獻比別人多更多的”在地志工”行列!!!
此外, 也歡迎蚶仔寮的宛增, 有空就出來找我們玩喔!!! 😉

(這樣算是選了8個, 還是11個…或12個呢?? …… 請大家自行評斷吧!!!)

今夜的海口  風雖然呼呼地吹   但沒有想像中冷呢~ 🙂

也希望沒有在名單上的朋友, 不要心碎, 大家真的都很棒呀!! 而且從電話裡聽到大家對來參與活動的期待, 真的覺得好溫暖喔! 歡迎大家有空來給我們探班, 並請持續鎖定我們的部落格, 關心成龍溼地的發展!!

祝大家   晚安囉!!!!



  1. Dear Jane,
    I’m William.
    I’m from Cheng Long village .
    I’m a high school student.
    I study electrical engineering.
    I have five family, monther ,grandparents and two older sisters.
    Welcome to Cheng long again.
    Thank you for inviting artists to chenglong.
    Let chenglong become beautiful.
    Because this activity, I knew Nick,who was a volunteer in the first year,
    and it made me deep impress.
    Hope I can know more artists this year.

  2. Hi William,
    Thank you so much for your Comment and letter to me on the Blog for Cheng Long art project! I am very happy to be coming back to Cheng Long village again this year and bringing 6 new artists from countries all over the world to share their artwork and their culture with you.
    I remember you I think, and it is so great to see the children growing up! Wow! you are in high school now studying electrical engineering. I think Nick is finished with his master’s degree study in the USA and we keep in touch by email. Hope he will come to Taiwan again sometime.
    Anyway please come by to see us when we are in Cheng Long again and say hello! I really love Cheng Long, and all the people are so nice and friendly! Looking forward to seeing you again!
    Best wishes,

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