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Hello from Maurice to children

Dear children of Cheng Long,
My name is Maurice Meewisse and I am an artist from the Netherlands. It will be a pleasure for me to come and work with you and hopefully we can build something beautiful.
我的名字是Maurice Meewisse,我是來自荷蘭的藝術家。能夠來到成龍村和你們一起工作將是我的榮幸,希望我們能夠做出美麗的作品。

Maybe a little bit of background information about the name of my country might be useful: The official name is ‘Kingdom of the Netherlands’, but we always just say ‘the Netherlands’ and some people call it ‘Holland’. And then there is one other strange thing: in English somebody from my country is called ‘Dutch’.
或許先向大家介紹一些有關我的國家的背景資料,會有點幫助: 荷蘭的官方正式全名是「Kingdom of the Netherlands」(尼德蘭王國, 原文即有”低窪之國”的意思),不過我們大多時候只說「Netherlands」(尼德蘭),也有些人稱它為「Holland」(荷蘭, 但其實這只是指尼德蘭王國的某一區域)。另外,還有一件奇怪的事 : 在英文裡,我們荷蘭人則被稱作「Dutch」(音似”德意志”)

There is a saying about the Dutch: ‘God made the world, but the Dutch made the Netherlands’. They say this because a big part of the Netherlands lies below sea level and is protected by dikes, and other parts of the country used to be sea that we turned into land. The Dutch started these kind of works already over a thousand years ago with simple raised pieces of land for farms, to protect them from floods. Over the years there came more of those and they got connected to each other and the first dikes were created. This got a bit out of hand and now over half the country is below sea level behind dikes. This kind of work is the main source of inspiration for my art. I then take up the role of the working man myself or use it to make sculptures.

In Cheng Long I want to give something back to the working man, which in this case is the fisherman. I start with finding huts that need repair work and I will fix them as good as I can. Next to this I want to build a folly, made with ‘copies’ of the repairs. The different parts, walls, a roof, a door and windows will be put together and form a hut. All the parts will probably not fit perfectly together, but will form a beautiful hut, which can be used as a playhouse, a place to have a barbecue or simply to be enjoyed as a sculpture. With this work I hope that you want to help me.

Maybe I should tell you something about me. I am 35 years old and married to a beautiful Danish wife, Lise, for already 2.5 years. Together we live in Rotterdam, which is the largest harbour in Europe. We have a nice house on the 2nd floor, where we have an animal walking around, that should (but doesn’t) answer to the name ‘Youssouf’.

圖片 001Guess which one is Youssouf and who is Lise 😉
猜猜看誰是Youssouf,誰是Lise  😉

They asked me to also teach you a little bit Dutch, so here I have some dutch words that could come in handy:
早安 – goede morgen
你好 – hallo
謝謝 – dank je wel
請  – alstublieft

The longest dutch word is: ‘Hottentottententententoonstelling’
But you don’t have to say that.
最長的荷蘭單字是 :” Hottentottententententoonstelling”

And we always tell foreigner to say ‘Scheveningen’.
我們也常教外國人說”Scheveningen”這個字 (音”席凡尼根”,荷蘭著名的海灘渡假聖地)

Below I added a picture of myself in my studio, and yes, I am two meters tall!

圖片 000

快速上升 – tot snel!
(應該是英文see you later”再見”之意, 但Maurice應該是透過翻譯軟體直譯中文為”快速上升”!!)




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