Posted by: QQmei | March 25, 2014

Hello to Children from LALA

Hello everyone ~
I‘m  Yen-Chen,Wang, and you can call me Lala.My hometown is Tainan City,Taiwan. Tainan has a lot of beautiful old houses and great cuisine, as well as a strong human touch.  if you have free time please come to Tainan!

My family has five people. I usually call my father Wang Dong and my mother is Dong Niang.  My parents run a tempura factory in Tainan. Our tempura tastes really good so I like to introduce our tempura to new friends. I hope Wang Dong can visit Chenglong when he has free time, so that you can eat our tempura . I have a brother and a sister.  We were always quarreling with each other as children, but today our relationship is good. I also have a cat named Lisha.

My job is art education- planning and execution. I like to design interesting courses for children, and through the course, I often get inspiration from children.  For me children are just like artists, but adults often forget this …

DSCN9812 IMG_9798

This time I will use some recycled materials, such as fabrics, caps, feed bags , etc., to create a lot of flowers and make a great gift onto the fishing hut.  To do this I will really need everyone’s help!!!

拉拉 Lala

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