Posted by: QQmei | March 28, 2014

Hello to Children from Thierry

Dear children from Cheng-Long!

When I was living in Sweden I started to make my own bread because my oldest son Linus couldn’t eat the bread from the bakery.

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When I came to Germany about 20 years ago I was asked to lead a bread project with teenagers and inhabitants from the north of the city. We first build a baking oven to bake breads, pizzas, cakes or “artistic” breads; 4-5 times a year; at X-mas, Easter, for summer etc.

But I was not satisfied with the oven we had, so I tried to construct ovens myself.

Since then, I have built about 25 larges ovens and several small ones: ovens for a festival, for one day; ovens for baking or just for playing with the elements, fire, smoke, flames, and earth. As there is a lot of forest in the city with plenty of wild boars, I started making baking ovens for cooking boars.

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But until today I have never made an art project like I want to do with you in Cheng-Long. So I’m really excited for what is coming out in these weeks working together.

Tools we need for mud. We also will need some cooking tools. 我們會需要用來鏟土的工具。我們也會需要一些廚具。

Tools we need for mud.
We also will need some cooking tools.


  1. I hope you can come here as soon as possible because I am looking forward to seeing you and your artwork this Chenglong Art Festival.

    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Thierry,

    Nice to see you in the website. Thierry, my name is Luke. I really hope I can see you and your artwork soon. if possible, I hope fo be your friend.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello, Dear Chenglong children,
    Very nice to hear from you!!!
    Are you in English Class now??

    Good Job!!!!


  4. Dear Mr. Thierry,

    Hello! Our artist, welcome to Chengiong Elementary School.
    Chenglong Wetlands here is very beautiful. Hope you will lilike it.

    Your student,

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