Posted by: janeingramallen | April 19, 2014

Sunday, April 13 Art Project Activities

On this day the artists and volunteers traveled by car to some other sites in Yunlin County.  ImageWe visited a solar farm to learn more about solar energy in Taiwan because one of the 2014 artists, Joaquin, from Argentina, will be creating an art installation using wind and solar power to provide some electricity and fresh water for the fish farmers at one of the fishing huts.  At the solar farm in Yunlin County we saw lots of power being generated by huge sheds covered with solar panels, and underneath the solar paneled roof they are growing vegetables!

After a wonderful lunch of healthy food at the solar farm, we traveled to another nearby city in Yunlin County to visit with a bamboo master so that the artists could learn some techniques for working with bamboo from a local mater craftsmen.  This photo shows the master explaining how a chair he is making from bamboo is structured and put together.  Many of the foreign artists have not used bamboo so much, but in Taiwan it is probably the most available natural material and very versatile for building sculptures.  It is also a sustainable material as it grows quickly.  The artists have also gathered some recycled bamboo from the beach near Cheng Long to use for their artworks.  I think all of the artists this year except Thierry wlll be using some bamboo for their artworks.  



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