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2014 Artists and Volunteers Hard at Work Creating Art Installations in Cheng Long


The 2014 artists are making great progress on the art installations, and again this year we have a wonderful team of volunteers.  This year each artist has 1 or 2 volunteers, and they come from all over Taiwan to spend 25 days in the small fishing village helping the international artists create their works.  It is hard work but lots of fun too!Image

This photo shows volunteers making a part of artist Katie Surridge’s installation attaching many discarded oyster shells to a piece of old fishing rope.  


Here Joaquin’s volunteer Kevin is taking labels off clear plastic bottles to use as part of the pipeline for Joaquin’s installation that will purify some water for use in the fishing hut area. Children and villagers have been saving many plastic bottles and we also collected many plastic bottles at the local recycling center for Joaquin’s art installation. 



The 2014 artists have visited a hardware store in nearby Kohu village many times to buy some tools or materials for their art installations.  This photo shows Joaquin and his volunteer Holly chatting with the store owner and getting a receipt for Joaquin’s purchases.  Holly is from Beijing and is working for a foundation there that also does environmental education, and this year she came to volunteer in Cheng Long to learn more about our Cheng Long Wetlands environmental art project.  



Artist Maurice Meewisse from Netherlands is busy now making repairs on several Cheng Long fishing huts.  This photo shows a window in a fishing hut that Maurice replaced with a good recycled one found in Cheng Long.  His art project will include a “folly” hut that he creates in the fishing hut area as a record of all the repairs he makes on Cheng Long fishing huts.  The second photo here shows a bamboo wall that  was made by Maurice’s volunteers to be a wall for the folly hut.  


This photo shows French artist Thierry Godet making an oven by a fishing hut for his art installation. Thierry is using some old fire bricks collected around Cheng Long and earth/mud also found in Cheng Long.  His volunteers are doing lots of work moving earth and bricks and also learning about how to make ovens. 


This photo shows some village volunteers helping Taiwanese artist LaLa Wang with her 2014 art installation.  The volunteers are making holes in plastic bottle caps that LaLa collected at the community recycling center to use as centers for the flowers in her installation.  This hole punching machine is normally used by the villagers in Cheng Long to make holes in oyster shells to string the shells up to grow new oysters.  Image

This photo shows the garden area at artist Katie Surridge’s fishing hut installation site.  Katie’s volunteers did some very hard labor to make a stone wall and a brick and concrete rubble wall around the garden….it’s hard work moving those heavy things!  The area around the fishing hut has been cleaned up now and it is looking so much better.  Katie plans to continue improving and adding to this garden area as well as making mosaics with the children on the walls of her fishing hut.  


In this photo artist Kathy Bruce from USA and her volunteers are working to make the tail part of her giant milkfish that will look like it is going through the wall of her fishing hut.  

This week the artists also worked with their classroom of children at Cheng Long Elementary School to introduce their country and their art project to the children.  They also did some art activities with the children so that the children can learn new things and help to make the 2014 art installations.  Image

This photo shows one small oven made by some 5th grade boys working with the 2014 artist Thierry Godet.  The 5th grade class enjoyed playing with the mud and creating the small ovens…..maybe next week they will be ready to make some fire in these small ovens. 

The 2014 art project in Cheng Long is going well and this year we are excited to see so much enthusiasm and support from the children as well as the villagers.  This year too we are getting the fishing hut owners and the local fish farmers involved.  

The Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen ( and the photos for the 2014 Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (



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