Posted by: janeingramallen | April 21, 2014

Starting the 2014 Artworks

On Monday, April 15, all the artists were ready to start their artworks after making final decisions about the sites and gathering materials.

In this photo artist Kathy Bruce from the USA is measuring her fishing hut with her two Taiwanese volunteers.  Kathy will be creating a bamboo sculpture of a milkfish that appears to be jumping through this hut.  Kathy measuring hut with volunteers-small







Here French artist Thierry Godet is bringing earth or soil/clay on a cart with the help of his two Taiwanese volunteers  to begin making his large oven at the site next to a fishing hut. Theirry and vol pulling cart with dirt-small







Here Taiwanese artist LaLa Wang is starting to work on making hundreds of flowers created from recycled Tshirts collected in Cheng Long.  She is working with her volunteers in the bird blind structure.

Lala cutting out fabric-small












In this photo artist Maurice Meewisse from the Netherlands is trying out his idea to make a recycled roofing material from old bicycle tires collected at the nearby recycling center.  Maurice’s art project in Cheng Long is to repair several fishing huts and create a new “folly” hut to record all the repairs he makes.

Maurice Jane vol looking at tire roof-small






  1. This is all very fascinating to me and I am following all artist’s work as well as what the volunteer’s do. I am not an artist in any way so the process of creation is very interesting to me. I can tell the students that Washington, DC is next to the state of Maryland which borders Chesapeake Bay that has wetlands. Agate

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