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Seeing the 2014 Artworks Developing in Cheng Long


This photo shows volunteers helping to move a bridge that Dutch artist Maurice Meewisse made as part of his art project in Cheng Long.  We decided to have a procession and ceremony for putting this bridge across the canal in the fishing hut area.  Maurice created the bridge from recycled materials, and the fishermen will be able to use it to go back and forth caring for their fish farms.  Many of the bridges across the canal in the fishing hut area are just planks of old wood, and this new bridge from old recycled materials will also be useful for visitors to go to the area where Maurice will be building his folly hut that is a record of all the repairs he is making on the fishing huts in Cheng Long.  


Here the volunteers are helping to put the bridge across the canal using some bamboo poles to roll it on. 


This photo shows some volunteers crossing the new bridge for the first time.


Maurice provided some beer for his hard-working volunteers, and this photo shows the group celebrating the new bridge!


Here is Maurice in front of a new door he has made for a fishing hut as part of his plan to repair fishing huts as his conceptual artwork in Cheng Long. 


This photo shows the tail part of artist Kathy Bruce’s “Big Fish through Wall” installation on a Cheng Long fishing hut.  The tail part is almost finished and now Kathy and her team of volunteers have started to build the head part of the fish that will be on the water side of the fishing hut.  She decided to make her milkfish sculpture with the tail and head both turning up so that it will be easier for the fishing hut owners to move around the hut when they are caring for their fish farm.  


Artist Thiery Godet made a fire in his big oven to try it out.  It seems to work well and the oven made lots of heat.  We are all waiting now for him to bake some bread in this oven!  He is also now starting to create the oven in a more sculptural form and adding some tiles on top to protect it from rains in Cheng Long. 


Here Thierry is cutting a door for one of the small ovens made by the 5th grade students that he is working with.  On this Thursday afternoon all the artists will again be working with their class of students in Cheng Long Elementary School, and Thierry hopes he can lead the students in cutting doors in all of their small ovens and making some fire in each oven.



Here Maurice’s two volunteers are making a wall of bamboo for Maurice’s folly hut.  They decided to use what is usually the back side of some split bamboo as the front side of their creative wall. 

The artists are all working hard and so are the volunteers.  Things are going well and we are excited to see the 2014 artworks developing at the fishing hut area in Cheng Long village. 

The Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen ( and the photos for this Blog are taken by Timothy S. Allen (




  1. I like Maurice’s door– simple, beautiful lines. The beginnings of the folly hut (i like the name) look more oriental. Looks interesting.
    Thierry’s small oven? Can it be used on the roof of an apartment building? We are allowed to barbecue. I am waiting for the tiles on the big oven.
    Kathy’s fish? Beautiful already. I like the flip of the tail

  2. Hi,
    So nice to get your comments on our Blog! The artists are really moving along now and working so hard and so are the volunteers. Yes, the folly hut will use some local materials (bamboo) and also recycled materials collected here. Tomorrow Maurice will make a floor for his folly hut from crushed clam shells with the children. Clam farming is also an important occupation in this area and there are many old clam shells lying around.
    Thierry’s oven could be used on the roof of an apartment building….the hardest thing would be moving earth and fire bricks up there! Thierry is now working on the artistic creation part of his installation and also making tools for cooking in the oven….we are waiting for him to bake some bread!
    Kathy is working on the head of the fish now that will go on the other side of the fishing hut. She decided to go with both the tail and the head flipping up
    so that the fish hut owners will be able to move around the hut easily to do their work at the fish farm.
    Keep watching the Blog as we will continue making posts to record the progress and the finish of all these sculpture installation. Our opening day is Friday May 2, and the artists will conduct DIY activities with the public on Sat. and Sun. May 3 and 4. Wish you could come to Taiwan!
    Thanks again for your interest and best wishes from Cheng Long,

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