Posted by: janeingramallen | April 26, 2014

Continuing Progress on the 2014 Cheng Long art installations

All of the artists and volunteers are working very hard now on their sculpture installations for the 2014 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.  Here you can see artist Maurice Meewisse and his two volunteers repairing a wall on a Cheng Long fishing hut.  This hut was in really bad shape and so they had to tear down some patched up parts of the wall, and Maurice decided to make a new really nice plywood wall painted Chinese red so that it will be very visible as visitors come down the road next to the Wetlands to enter the fishing hut area where the installations are sited for this year.




Artist Katie Surridge and her volunteers are continuing to make the big wave mural on the side of her fishing hut.  They are using the bottom of Taiwan beer bottles, a nice dark green color for the mosaic.

kattie & vol work on bottle relief-small

Kattie working on bottle relief-small














Kathy Bruce and her two volunteers are continuing to work on the head of the big fish for her sculpture installation titled “Big Fish Through Wall”.  She is constructing it on the side of another fishing hut for now, but it will be moved and installed on the fish pond side of the wall on the same hut that the tail is coming out of.  The space to work over the pond is very small so it will be installed there sometime next week when construction is completed.

Kathy & Yellow working on head of fish-small











Taiwanese artist LaLa Wang is continuing to make many flowers for her hut installation using recycled fabric and plastic bottle caps.  Now she is starting to put the flowers on some recycled pieces of old black fishing net…the netting will be attached to the hut like ribbon for her “gift” installation.

Lala attaching flower to plastic grid-small









Thiery Godet is continuing work on his big oven and adding final touches to the form and structure.  He has also built a fires inside and it holds heat well.  The small ovens made by his 5th grade class have also made a door into their small ovens and added a new layer of mud at the bottom to make the ovens have more space inside.  Next Thursday the kids will get to build a small fire in their ovens!

Thierry & vol making mud layer-small Thierry's school oven with door open-small











Artist Joaquin Fargas and his volunteers are continuing work on the windmill and solar energy installation he is making for a fishing hut in Cheng Long

Jauquin and Holly working on tower-small











Keep looking at this Blog to see the artists and volunteers finish the installations soon!

Our opening ceremony will be Friday, May 2, 10AM, and the public opening activities with the artists will take place on Saturday and Sunday May 3 an 4 in Cheng Long village at the fishing hut area.

The Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen ( and the photos on this Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (




  1. Another inspiring group of projects at Chenglong – its great to follow the blog and watch things progressing. All the best for the opening on May 2

    • Hi Peter, Sonya, Duncan and Briony,
      We really miss you this year in Cheng Long. The children who met you here are all so grown up now! We are enjoying working with the fishing hut owners more and it is an interesting process trying to please everyone… you can imagine. The artists are all very good and we are getting along and on target for everything to be completed by opening day Friday, May 2.
      Hope you can come visit again next year in Cheng Long!
      Best wishes,

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