Posted by: janeingramallen | April 26, 2014

Progress continues on the 2014 art installations

Joaquin Fargas, 2014 artist from Argentina, and his volunteers continue working on the bamboo structure for the windmill that is part of his installation titled “Space for Purification.”


Joaquin & Holly building tower-smallJoaquin building tower-small

American artist Kathy Bruce and her two volunteers are putting the finishing touches on the fish head that is part of her installation titled “Big Fish Through Wall.”

Kathy's fish head on hut-small

Katie Surridge, artist  from England, and her volunteers have completed setting all the bottle pieces in her “big wave” mural, and now they are grouting the mural on her fishing hut.

Katie's green glass bottom relief-full building-small

Katie's green glass bottom relief-small

Taiwanese artist LaLa Wang is continuing to make many flowers of recycled fabric and plastic bottle caps, and has started putting the flowers on the recycled fishing net and construction of the bow for her installation titled “Hopes Hide Inside”.

Lala making bow-small

Maurice Meewisse, artist from Holland,  continues to make repairs on the fishing huts in Cheng Long, and he is making a “folly” hut with his two volunteers to record all of the repairs.  The folly hut will be a community place for fishermen and villager to relax with a view of the water.  Here is a photo of a fishing hut roof that Maurice and his volunteers repaired with red roofing tiles.

Maurice roof done by vol-small

Here you can see Maurice and his two volunteers jumping on the bridge he made for the fishing hut area and testing its strength.  The bridge is made from recycled material and Maurice decided to paint the recycled metal beams a bright blue green color.

Maurice and vol testing bridge-jump-small copy

Thierry Godet, artist from France now living in Berlin, has already cooked some bread in his oven!  The bread was delicious, and we all enjoyed some of the homemade bread cooked in Thierry’s oven.

Thierry's bread cut-small

Theirry big oven-front-small

He is also planning to bake some sweet potatoes and maybe other food in his oven.  You can also see some finishing touches Theirry and his volunteers have made to the form and construction of his big oven by one of the fishing huts.

Theirry big oven-back-small

Keep watching this Blog as the 2014 artists finish their installations.  The opening ceremony is Friday May 2 at 10 AM, and there will be DIY activities with the artists in the Cheng Long fishing hut area on Sat. and Sunday May 3 and 4.

The Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen ( and the photos on this Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (


  1. I can’t wait to see the finished art. Agate

  2. Hello Agate,
    We should have the photos of the finished installations up on the Blog by Monday. The official opening ceremony was today at 10AM and it was a great sunny day in Cheng Long, after a rainy day on Thursday. The opening went well and everyone seems to enjoy these artworks. The artists and volunteers did a great job and we are all a little tired and taking a rest this afternoon!
    Thanks for watching out Blog and keep in touch.
    Best wishes,

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